Monday, April 6, 2015

Rosettes and a star!

Today I have two new rosettes for my Birds in the Loft quilt plus the test border rosette.

My inspiration for Birds in the Loft is twofold. The first inspiration is an antique quilt in the Quilt Museum and Gallery. I've modified my medallion to make it my own.

I added framed birds to the medallion. This is my version. All the rosettes I've been making and sharing will surround the medallion as in the quilt shown above.

The second inspiration was my own hexagon quilt Stars in the Loft. I plan to use the border design from this quilt for my Birds in the Loft.

I will alternate two different rosettes in the border. The first is the pieced rosette I previously shared. The tutorial is here.

The second part of the border is a rosette with a star. I will need 34 of them. In order to add more visual interest I am using seven different reds to make the stars. In the next few days I will do a fresh tutorial about how I made these rosettes. I've done other tutorials (you can find links under the tab English Paper Piecing & Hexagon Fun) but I've modified my technique slightly. In this example I have basted through the paper but have started basting only on the back so that I don't have to remove the basting threads. I'll let you know how easy or difficult it is to remove the papers when the time comes to remove them!

I enjoy reading and replying to your comments. Lately I've had comments from no-reply bloggers so if you don't hear back from me please know that I am not ignoring you. So what is a no-reply blogger? It simply means that you do not share your email address. When you leave a comment on a blog the blog owner (in this case me) has no way to contact you!  If you want to have your email address attached to your user name you will need to update your profile. If you use Google or Blogger there was a great tutorial on updating your profile on Quiltville's Quips & Snips.

That's it for today so until I post again, happy sewing.
Karen H


  1. hi Karen! Wow, you're already so far with your birds in the loft. It looks so fabulous.
    I hope, you had great easterdays.
    Have a nice day!

  2. I love your version of the quilt Karen. I never tire of looking at hexagons. Just beautiful!

  3. just beautiful - what a lovely layout to see your inspiration quilts as well! I agree with LuAnn, never tired of looking at your work :)~hank you for the no reply info link as well - I have tried many times to fix it - will keep trying periodically for as long as it takes :)

  4. I like the stars a lot. That is a great border design on your "Loft" quilt. It is hard to see on my phone---but I will go blow it up to see. Nice job.