Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tiny Stems: two more methods

In my last post I wrote about tiny stems.

A reader left a comment describing another method for making those tiny stems. In case you don't read comments I decided to share her suggestion in a post. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share with others. I've said it before; a quilt maker can never have too many tips, techniques and skills in her tool box!

This is what Eloidastitches wrote:

Those tiny stems are quite the trick Karen. I would like to share a method I read in a book by Jane Townswick (Artful Applique, the Easy Way). In this book she shares her method of marking seam lines on skinny bias stems using a Hera marker (page 109). Before she cuts the strips, using a quilting ruler, she lines up the 1/8th inch mark along the cut edge on the back of the fabric, and then scores along the edge of the ruler at the 1/8th inch mark. Then she moves the ruler to the 1/4" mark, for the second score. After that you can cut it at the 3/8" mark (or like I do, I cut it at the 1/2" mark to give myself some wiggle room - and I actually do make another score line at the 3/8" mark as well then, which makes it easy for trimming off later). I finger press the first score line before I pin it down on my background fabric, and find this method works quite nicely, the seam allowance just nicely rolls over. The score line for the other edge can also be finger pressed before stitching down. If I have cut the strip at 1/2", then I trim it after the first edge is stitched down. I think I have gained enough confidence now, that I may cut my strips at 3/8" next time.

For all of you back basting fans, that method can be used for tiny stems and you don't have to deal with bias edges. The technique is describe by Jeana Kimball on Instagram.  The description of her method can be found here

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. I do most of my appliqué with back-basting, and I love how easy stems are! So much simpler than easing a tube into the right shape, or into the right *place!*

  2. Great tip using the Hera marker--I'm putting that one in my toolbox--lol!

  3. Hi Karen lovely work ,what a great idea ,a terrific way to do the stems xx

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