Friday, September 5, 2014

Value Proposition QAL - Block 11

It's time for Block 11 in my Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along (QAL). We are more than half way done....only seven full blocks to go and 2 more partial blocks that are used to fill out the sides of the quilt. In this installment you can try something new.....make your own fabric with a pen made for fabric. I used Sakura Pigma pens to draw some little images on six hexagons that were the lightest value and I used them in the Round 1 Light value fabric. I'll explain how to do it a little further on! I encourage you to give it a try but if drawing isn't your thing then you can fussy cut your fabric (or not)!

Value Proposition Map for Block 11

Value Proposition Recipe for Block 11

  • Cut 12 Light* identified as A on Map (6 for Round 1 and 6 for Round 2)
  • Cut 12 Medium** identified as B on Map (for Round 3)
  • Cut 1 Medium-dark identified as C on Map (for Centre)
  • Cut 12 Dark identified as D on Map (6 for Round 2 and 6 for Round 3)
* I used two different Lights. I used six of them for my drawings with Sakura pen in Round 1.
** I went scrappy with my B hexagons because it is a great way to repeat fabrics and give a scrap quilt a more cohesive look however you could use a single fabric or just a couple. 

My Value Proposition Block 11

This is my block in colour. The six hexagons in Round 1 have little floral motifs drawn with Sakura Pigma pens.

You can use any type of pen as long as it is safe for fabric! If you look closely you'll also see I've done some markings along the edges where the hexagons in Round 1 are joined.

How did I do it? The first thing I did was to select the light fabric I wanted to use. I applied masking tape to the wrong side to stabilize it for the drawing. You could also use freezer paper or painter's tape.

On the right side I drew my flower freehand. You'll find it easier to work with a pen with a thicker tip; in the picture below I've used an 01 but an 05 size would have made for a darker image.

HELPFUL TIP: If you are nervous drawing freehand sketch out your image with a non permanent fabric marking tool like a Frixion pen. When you are happy with the motif you can then take your permanent market to the fabric.

When I was satisfied with my drawing I removed the tape from the back. I applied a dab of fabric safe glue stick to the hexagon and applied it to the wrong side of the fabric making sure the flower was reasonably centered. I held it up to the light to make sure.

I trimmed the fabric leaving a nice seam allowance. I like a generous seam allowance. The hexagon was basted as usual.

I added the ink to the lower side edges to give the hexagon an aged look and I did it before I pieced the hexagons. This marking is optional; feel free to omit it or if you prefer to add your own touch by all means do so!  So there you have it! I made my own fabric and hope you'll give it a try. Start with one and if you don't like it then do whatever tickles your fancy! It is your quilt so make it your way!

I set up a Value Proposition QAL page on Flickr so that you can post pictures of your blocks and also see what others are doing! There are many very different and exciting blocks to see and there are also some pictures showing a bunch of blocks arranged together and that is very exciting to see! 

If you are looking for previous Block installments of my Value Proposition Hexagon QAL you will find all of the links under the tab Quilt Alongs by Karen H just under the banner. Have fun making Block 11. Block 12 will be available on September 19, 2014.

I hope you are having fun with my QAL! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I send an email response to every comment so if you don't hear from me it means you are a no-reply blogger and I have no way of contacting you (unless you leave me your email address).

Until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. Nice Karen! I might be brave a try one- there's always fussy cutting to fall back on! I think my little sheep may just make a reappearance on this one:)

  2. Another stunning block! Thank you Karen. I might just try the drawings! Why not!

  3. Oh no my drawing skills are nil but I will play a bit I am sure I have some kind of pen to try this LOL. Should make for a few giggles.
    Thanks Bunny

  4. Me again, just playing with some drawings hmmm then I had an idea sort of a light bulb moment. So many of us have fancy stitches on our machines I will try that too..I will Mark my fabric with hexagon shapes with a frixon pen on scrap fabric then play with some stitches and embroidery thread love colour thread. Bunny

    1. A terrific idea! Embroidery by hand or machine would be lovely. I do hope you'll try the drawing idea on at last one hexagon. If it isn't your thing then you just toss it and try something else!

  5. How fun! I've been playing with doodles lately, so I'll be drawing on mine. :):)

  6. Your little inked hexies are adorable--great idea!