Friday, February 13, 2015

Spicing up a quilt with a little paprika

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The next round of hexagons in Birds in the Loft will be a lighter paprika print that I used for the backing of my hexagon quilt Good Golly Miss Mollie. I save the backing fabric that was trimmed away after the quilting was done because I knew those scraps would come in handy. The print is a warm colour which is what I had settled on for Birds and the value is I think appropriate for what will come next.

This is my diagram of Birds in the Loft. I haven't got the medallion ready to show because the olive, gold and paprika hexagons are being constructed off the quilt.

Here you can see the first of the four units under construction. Three more to go and then they will be almost ready to be attached to the medallion. The one pictured below will go in the upper left corner and there will be an identical unit that will fit the lower right corner. I will need to make two more, one for the upper right and the other the lower left, and they will be a mirror image of this one.

By now you can see there are voids on the top, bottom and sides of the quilt design and after reading my tutorial on making a hexagon frame you know that these framed birds will fill those spaces! This one will go on the right side of the medallion. There will be another for the left side but it will be a mirror image with the bird facing toward the centre. The top and bottom frames will be more ovoid in shape. On all four the darker brown fabric will be on the inside edge and the diamond print on the outside edge.

I've also made another pair of identical hexagon rosettes and there are several more cut out and ready to be basted and stitched! I like the star in the middle - so lacy!

I've looked through the rosettes I've made and there are lots of reds. I think I need to start working with some other colours! So my plan for the weekend is do cut, cut, cut!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I can't wait to see your medallion finished! It is very unique!

  2. Hi Karen
    I love a lot of your quilts but I'm especially loving Birds in the Air. And I can't remember if this is your own design? -Gail O.

  3. Moving right along. Beautiful, Karen.

  4. Your medallion technic is very interesting and fabulous....i keep on admiring your work!

  5. Lovely print and I love the "frame"-design until now. Looking forward to see more! Have a great weekend!

  6. It's going to be amazing--love the "movement" that the next rounds will bring.

  7. You're such a busy beaver making beautiful things. I love your layout for these hexies. At least that type of cutting is fussy cutting fun.

  8. The frames are great--what a way to add a curve to the inside!! The streaks of color are very interesting, also. More to come---just keep tuning in!! The medallion just keeps getting more design elements each round.

  9. They are looking good. One is more interesting than the next one. This will be spectacular when finished.