Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A noodle for the birds and a eureka fabric!

I shared my diagram of the first round of hexagon rosettes for my Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt. This is it and you can read my post here.

Since that time I stitched the hexagons and backgrounds together into one long "noodle". Here you can see the round of rosettes pinned to the design wall.

I stitched the "noodle" but didn't stitch it into a ring because it would make it more difficult to attach to the medallion. The "noodle" was sewn to centre medallion and here it is! At this point it is measuring roughly 51" by 69". If you are new to my blog I'm using 1" hexagons to make my quilt.

Birds in the Loft Medallion by Karen H

The next step is to finish sewing the remaining 180 pairs of hexagons and add five backgrounds to each. All of the rosettes are cut out and in various stages of basting and sewing but the background hexagons have to be cut and basted so I've got lots of work to do. Where I thought I had enough fabric I'm now not so sure so I might have to add a third background fabric!

Once all of the rosettes are all made I'll be sewing them into larger chunks that can be stitched to the medallion. When I have my diagram ready I'll share it with you. Until then I thought I would share my latest completed rosettes!

The design of Birds in the Loft calls for pairs of rosettes but sometimes you just don't have enough fabric to make a pair. I had only enough taupe fabric to make the top rosette and the hexagon in the middle was a 2 1/2" charm square so what I did was make a second hexagon rosette from similar fabrics. The hexagons will be in opposite sections of the quilt so the slightly different rosettes will work just fine! You can see the layout plan for the rosette pairs here.

I have a small piece of fabric that I've had for years. I put it somewhere safe but for the life of me couldn't remember where that safe spot was. I had a pretty good idea but couldn't find it and I've been searching for weeks. Finally the other day I was looking for something else and there it was....neatly folded and tucked away in the general area of where I thought I had stashed it! Eureka!!! I just love this print and wish I knew who made it. I have long since lost the selvage and have only a small piece of fabric left. If anyone knows what it is called and who made please do tell!

My eureka fabric - who manufactured it and what is it called?

I carefully cut out two of the rosehips and used them for centres in the following pair of rosettes. Once again I didn't have enough fabric to make two rosettes so I added a second fabric to make the second one.

There's snow in the forecast today so it will be a good day for sewing and I've got lots to do so it is time for one more cup of tea and the I shall sew, sew, sew!

If you are looking for some inspiration check out The Needle and Thread Network where Canadian bloggers share with others.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H
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  1. Oh your design is so so much different than the norm! Love it!

  2. I love it Karen! It is looking so beautiful. Does it not drive you mad to misplace something when you know you put it away carefully! I seem to do that often.

  3. It's looking beautiful! How good is it that you found your Eureka fabric - it's perfect!!

  4. So unique! Love that brown you're using. I've seen that fabric somewhere - I'll keep looking.

  5. You sure are fast! This will e finished in no time ; )

  6. Your quilt is growing everyday ...and looking so nice

  7. I had read about noodles on the internet and had been wondering what they were! This is really shaping up to be a lovely quilt.

  8. Its turning out so great Karen! I used the noodle system the day before yesterday. It worked pretty well for me I was glad to learn. Do you have a system for keeping track on your diagram of what piece you will sew next? I was constantly counting and was frustrated with having to do this. How about you? Do you find yourself counting where you are on your map and noodle?

  9. Your quilt is going to be stunning once it'd finished. Such patience to make all those tiny hexies and sew them together! You have my admiration for sure.

  10. Well I never knew either, a noodle ! Who knew lol
    That is a lovely fabric, hope you find out who made it., I'm surprised there isn't a fabric identification online source, there certainly should be !

  11. I've been watching this from the beginning. It is looking fabulous!! I love you explanation about noodles.

  12. first time visit to your blog... so I had to check back to a few of your previous posts so see the progression on this impressive project. I started a hex and diamond quilt about six years ago, I am alot slower than you as my progress is not progressing!

    1. Hi Susan - for getting it done quickly is not the most important thing (although it is nice) but rather it is enjoying the process of hand sewing. Keep at it and it will eventually be finished! Sorry I couldn't email you but you are a no reply blogger! :-(

  13. How charming! I have a soft spot for hexies and your work is so beautiful

  14. You continue to amaze and inspire me!! LOVE your hexi work!

  15. You continue to amaze and inspire me!! LOVE your hexi work!

  16. Oh lovely lovely small hexagons, and such lovely fabrics and each hexagon so perfect. How I love these tiny hexagons they are very very addictive aren't they. Glenda