Monday, July 1, 2013

Cherry Blossom quilt top is finished and the tote bag made for me arrived in the mail!

The borders are now on my Cherry Blossom quilt. I decided to go with a soft pink 1/2" finished inner border and an 8" finished outer border. It will finish 69" x 82". I am very pleased with this quilt so far! Normally at this point I would make the binding and wind it on a card so that once the quilt is quilted I can bind the quilt but I'm not sure whether I want to bind it with the pink inner border or the cream outer border.

I'm working on the pattern for this quilt as I work on it but if you want to get a head start, you will need a stack of 3" finished pink nine patch blocks. One hundred of them to be precise. I made all of my blocks as leaders and enders so when I was ready to make this quilt I just went to my stash of finished nine patch blocks and pulled out all of the pink blocks. I also threw in some made of yellows and oranges to give a little sparkle.

You'll also need 12 red nine patches and a big pile of half square triangles that finish at 1" (1 1/2" with seam allowances). I made the half square triangles out of scrap prints of all colours and I used a white tone on tone print in each.

I'll keep working on the quilt and the pattern over the next couple of weeks.
I received a lovely pink envelope in the mail on Friday afternoon and inside was the tote bag that was made for me by my secret partner, Vickie. You can visit her blog here. Inside the bag were some wonderful little gifts! I hope my partner

One of the gifts is an Easy Dresden ruler by Wrights. I notice that Vickie has a beautiful quilt pattern on her blog that makes use of this very ruler and I might just give it a go! The name of the quilt pattern is Butter and Marmalade. It looks like and easy fun quilt! I've got lots of feedsack prints and this would be a great way to use some of them!

My tote bag is very pretty and I've already got it loaded up with a hand sewing project and I've been taking it with me each time I go to visit my Mom. Thanks Vickie! If Lia organizes another swap I think I will participate!

And now for a quick look at what is blooming today!

Day lily

Wild asters

Weeds!!!!! But up close they are very weird looking!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Just catching up on reading all your recent posts on Bloglovin' (I have had family staying for the last two weeks, so have not had much time for sewing related activities). Your finished tote bag was totes amazeballs! What a lucky swap partner - and what a great bag to receive in return! I always LOVE reading your posts - there is so much knowledge in them and I always learn something new. So thank you for generously sharing!

    I have been looking for a great pattern for my next quilt for ages and I think I just found it in your Cherry Blossom Quilt! It is so beautiful! x

    P.S. Congrats to your Mum on getting the most votes in the Quilting Gallery's Show & Tell - she so deserves it! (I'll stop rambling now and give someone else a chance to comment :)x

  2. I am so pleased that you like my Cherry Blossom quilt and I am super happy that the information I'm sharing is helpful! Today I hope to get it basted and maybe even start the quilting!

    The tote bag was fun to make and I was sorry to see it go! Even though I made it knowing it wasn't for me, I fell in love with it!

    Mom (Anne H) was thrilled to have received the most votes for her quilt! But I think the most exciting part for her is knowing that people from all around the world are viewing her work. She grew up in a log cabin on the prairies and remembers the first car, first radio, first flapper, etc, etc, so you can understand why she is amazed! If she was down with the lingo she might even say "amazeballs"!

    Thanks for reading my blog and a really big thank you for commenting! It makes it all worthwhile for me!

  3. I loved those starry weeds. I must be obsessed, because I started looking more closely and thinking how could I English paper piece that?