Sunday, March 31, 2013

Breaking with tradition

I started out as a traditional quilter and am still drawn to these types of quilts (hexagon quilts are among my favourite). I've lost count of the number of quilts than I've made over the years and although I will contiue to make traditional bed quilts, I find that more and more I am drawn to what can only be described as "art" quilts. I'm not sure how to to define an "art" quilt but I think it's just one of those things... you know it when you see it! I think the art quilt often has less to do with function and more to do with ornament although one might argue that the Gees Bend quilts are art but they are also functional pieces.

Books and workshops that explore non-traditional quilt making are a great source of inspiration and information. In the Spring of 2012 Pat Pauley of New York came to Canada to teach . As a result of what I learned in her workshop I made this wall hanging which I named "Darlington" after a nuclear power plant in southern Ontario. In this picture it is not quite finished. I eventually bound it with a facing so the edge is clean. It is heavily machine quilted with a variety of swirls, circles and lines.

This piece is very different from anything I've done before. In the coming weeks and months I'll post pictures of my traditional quilts as well as my non-traditional pieces. An of course there will be the odd curio from my cabinet! I hope my work gives you as much enjoyment as making it gave me!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H