Tiny World Pincushion Gallery

Welcome to my tiny world! I've fallen in love with Mimi Kirchner's Tiny World Make-Do Pincushions. The basic pattern is available here. Mimi has written clear and concise instructions that are very well illustrated. Once you've got the basics you can let the creative juices flow and make your own tiny worlds! I want to create my own little world so here is what I've made! I'll keep adding pincushions as the houses are built! And in case you are wondering, these are working pincushions!

 #1 Main Street

#1 Main Street close-up

The Farmer's House in Winter

The Farmer's House in Winter close-up

Demi Houses

Log Cabin in the Woods

Fairy House

Fairy House close-up

Japan Mug #1

Japan Mug #1 close-up

Japan Mug #2

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe close-up

House in a Basket

House in a Basket close-up

Teepee at M'Chigeeng

Teepee at M'Chigeeng close-up

 Rosedawn Cottage

Rosedawn Cottage close-up

 The Four Seasons

A house for Lucy Anne

Close-up of A House for Lucy Anne


  1. What a great collection, Karen! I love these. I particularly appreciate the snow-capped trees on the winter scene! Lots of great ideas here. :)

  2. love these! the orange one is my favourite along with the cabin in the woods :)

  3. Wonderful pincushions! Thank you for sharing your joy.


  4. Just beautiful! Can't wait to start my own collection

  5. I wonder what is the bottom part of the cusion. Does it completely fill the teacup?

  6. Sono tutti una meraviglia, e il modello è sempre lo stesso?

    1. Io uso il modello per iniziare e poi faccio piccoli cambiamenti per renderle diverse . Ho fatto i miei modelli per gli alberi e alcune delle case.

      I use the pattern to get started and then I make little changes to make them different. I made my own patterns for the trees and some of the houses.

  7. That is quite a collection. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  8. i found your blog on Pinterest and I think your pincushion felt village is the best one! I am making my own version with gnomes!! Thanks for the inspirtation

    1. Thank you Alane! So sorry I couldn't send you a personal note but you are a no reply blogger. :-(

  9. I stumbled upon these little treasures from pinterest. They are adorable and make me want to come up with some of my own. Whom ever received these were lucky indeed.