Gallery of Completed Quilts

Welcome to my Gallery of Quilts! I hope you like what you see. If you have any questions please feel free to email me because I am always willing to answer questions or be of assistance.

81 The Giant Monstrosity by Karen H 2014
Pattern available on Craftsy

Good Golly Miss Mollie by Karen H 2014

Tea Dot by Karen H 2017

Butterscotch Ripple by Karen H 2013

Hexagreens by Karen H 2009

Maple Leaf by Karen H 2007

Ausiegons by Karen H 2009

Where Fiddleheads Grow by Karen H 1998 30" x 30"

Quilting Bees by Karen H    12 1/2" square
Pattern available on Craftsy

Lazy Punk by Karen H 2013
(you can follow how I made this quilt by going to Tips and Tutorials where I've added links to each step)

Lazy Girl by Karen H 2016

Counting on Jack by Karen H 2016

A Pound of Stars by Karen H early 1980s

Mom's Flower Bed by Karen H 2011

Loopers in the Sky with Diamonds by Karen H 2005

Orange Crush by Karen H 2013
(Free pattern available on Craftsy)

Centre Ice by Karen H 2013

Brick Bungalow by Karen H 2011

Baskets and Nine Patches by Karen H 2013
(Pattern available on Craftsy)

Cherry Blossom by Karen H 2013
(Pattern available under Craftsy)

To the Nines by Karen H 2012

Stars in the Loft by Karen H 2002  86" x 95"

Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden by Karen H 2008 28 1/2" square

A Challenging Year by Karen H 2004 
28 1/2" square

Chops' Pick by Karen H 2011

Red Maples and Berries by Karen H 2012
20" x 9.5"

Inferno by Karen H 2011
5" x 7"

Wrenches by Karen H, 2011
4" square
Owl at Night by Karen H 2012
35" x 35"

Owl at Night Close-up

Bed Bugs by Karen H 1995

Bed Bugs Close-up

Theses Are A Few of My Favourite Things by Karen H 1997 

Dear Jane by Karen H 2000

Butter Cream by Karen H 1998 

There's a Snail in Grandma's Flower Garden by Karen H 2004

Persian Tiles by Karen H 1998
14" x 18 1/2"

Tumbling Blocks by Karen H

Wagon Wheels by Karen H 1987
(this quilt was English paper pieced because I didn't know how else to construct it)

Pickle Dish by Karen H (early 1990s)
(this quilt was English paper pieced because I didn't know how else to construct it)


  1. Incredible quilts! I really like your basket boarder and of course your hexie's your thread art is truly amazing wondered if you were going to teach any classes in this technique. Also wondered if you would be a guest speaker at any guilds. I would love to put your name in for the RVQG and Kindred Hearts, and Twisted Stitchers.

  2. I only just noticed this tab! I did enjoy browsing, your work is very inspirational for me :-)

  3. You are a master quilter! That is one incredible body of work. My pick for best of show would be tie between Lazy Punk and Stars in the Loft. Thank you so much for sharing these!

    1. Thanks! It is hard to pick a favourite! I love them all for different reasons.

  4. Wow! Truly magnificent work Karen. You have some beautiful creations here. Something for me to aspire to, even though I'm a late starter. :)

    1. Thank you! I love having the opportunity to share with others and although I love to share what I've made I love sharing how I made it!

  5. Wow! You do beautiful work! I love all of them. Great inspiration! I will come back to see them again in the future.

  6. I've just stumbled upon your website & 2 hrs later I was still on it. How generous you are to provide free patterns & I love your tutorials. Right now I'm working on my Dear Jane quilt along with Smitten & Glitter by Jen Kingwell (I also want to do the Steam Punk) & also working on the Morell Quilt.

  7. Wow I just came here again to view your quilts-they are all stunning and masterpieces

  8. I am so impressed with your work! It is incredible and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.