Friday, May 1, 2015

Zooming along with my hexagons

I am really zooming along with my hexagon rosettes for my Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt. There are roughly twenty rosettes to go and they will stitch up quickly. Most of the blocks are now stitched together into rows so the remaining twenty will be added to the sections of the quilt as they are made. I'm also working on the final border and will be sharing pictures in the very near future!

So here are my latest rosettes. I love this yellow fabric and look, more little birds!

The fabric in the centre is another old fabric that has been in my stash for more than 15 years. It is amazing how long it lasts when you use it sparingly!

I used it to make the body of a dragonfly in my quilt Where Fiddleheads Grow. You can see the entire quilt here.

I love this fabric I used in the outer ring. I bought a fat quarter and when I started chopping it up I fell in love with it so I found an online store that carried it so I bought a full yard! I don't know what you call this colour. Is it olive, grey, putty, taupe? I just don't know but what I do know is that it is fabulous!

The gold fabric is another old scrap and I believe it was from a Smithsonian collection.

The next two rosettes are made with directional prints. I love the texture that they bring to the rosette.

The spotted fabric was a scrap from a friend's quilt. It is a more modern print but I think it will fit it my quilt just fine!

I've made all of my stars and half and half rosettes for the border of my quilt and have started sewing them together. There are two strips like this and they will be on the sides of the quilt. There will be filler hexagons inserted between the rosettes so that I'll end up with a straightish sewing edge.

This is part of the strip that will attach to the top and bottom. Notice that there is a beige connector piece between the rosettes.

This is the corner with the two sections above attached to it.

Just to refresh your memory this my drawing of one quarter of my Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt.

If you are partial to hexagon quilts be sure to check out LuAnn's post about an antique hexagon exhibit at the Paducah Rotary. I particularly like the first quilt which she describes as a stripy quilt. It would be a terrific way to use up leftover hexagons!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. It's amazing, Karen. As I study this new set of rosettes, I get the feeling just about any fabric can be used - it's just the way one orients it. Lovely!!

  2. More smashing hexi florets in such delightful fabrics and yes I liked the stripey quilt best too. Its almost a herringbone pattern

  3. Love this yellow rosette. I can see that I'd no need to worry about my fabrics. Such lovely work.

  4. The first hexie is my favorite and I'm in love with the cute!

  5. More cool hexies to love--I think the modern spots are perfect!

  6. I always love looking at your hexagons. I spent a lot of time the other day looking at your tutorial page, and I plan to try those star hexagons you are doing. I love that idea. Thanks for the link back to my blog. Those antique hexagon quilts were so full of ideas. It is hard not to start a new project.

  7. Your border is really striking!! I like those star units so much. If I lived closer, I might come snag the golden hexie with birds and blame the kitty!! Congrats on your great progress

  8. Such a pretty parade of hexagons. Don't you love having precious pieces of fabric that are just used sparingly.

  9. Love your gorgeous just never tires of hexies..