Saturday, October 31, 2015

Work calls so sewing waits

I've been hired to do some consulting work and it is cutting into my sewing time. BAH! Every cloud has a silver lining so hopefully I'll be able to get myself some more fabrics with the money I earn! What quilt maker doesn't want more fabric?

I do however have two Road 66 blocks that I can share with you. I like the effect of the first block. The aqua hexagons seem to float on the dark striped background. The stripes don't line up perfectly but that's okay with me. My motto (or one of them) is this: if it bothers me I fix it and if I can live with it I leave it as it is. I find that the longer you leave things the easier it is to learn to live with them!

This is another interesting block. The middle rosette is made with a bit of fabric sent to my by my cyber friend in California. I had used the fabric to make a block for my Brinton Hall quilt and these lovely gold flowers were left over. I decided that this was a perfect spot to use those precious scraps!

Just in case you are interested, this is the block that I made with the same fabric. Now it is all gone but I managed to find an online shop that had some so I've order a bit more to add to my stash.

After my last post about my Mom (Anne H) and her quilts there were some questions about our quilting journey together. I started making quilts long before my Mom although she had taken a class where she learned to do a little applique. She saw what I was doing and decided to get started herself so I helped her out with what I had learned (most of which was figured out on my own). Her first quilt was a pink and off-white nine patch quilt. Although it is simple it is among her favourite quilts and she still uses it to this day! I taught her how to do English paper piecing and she has made several quilts and countless wall hangings. This is one that she made for me.

She embellished the hexagon flowers with a little bit of embroidery. Notice the fussy cut bee in the middle! That just screams "Anne H" because she often adds bees to her quilts.

Although her work centres primarily around applique with an African theme she still goes back to EPP hexagons every now and then!

Right! It is time for me to get back to work. Until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. Your mom's quilt is adoreable. Please tell her from a hexie queen in Norway. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Love the new rosettes. Lovely work as per usual. I love your Mom's flower basket hexie quilt. So pretty with the added detail work. Butterflies and bees sure added something special to an already pretty basket. I love the embroidered detail work too. Fabulous. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love her hexie basket especially the added embroidery--so pretty...and your rosettes are lovely...what a creative duo...hugs, Julierose

  4. Dear Karen,
    lovely hexagon blocks, noticed the stripe fabric in the first one. I have been using the same fabric in some of my Gardens of a King blocks. Lovely project from your Mom again. Cute little bee hexie.

  5. Lovely to see Mums flowers with the central embroidery added in too.
    And the bee Bonus!
    Enjoy consulting :)

  6. Karen, you are so lucky to have Mom with similar interests. My Mom always thought is was good to know howend the family clothing back in the day. Mending has always been on the sidelines. I'm glad that you two have this special link between you.

  7. Really enjoyed hearing how your mom got started with quilting, and so nice that you have that in common. Did she do any sewing before her applique class? I wish you all the best in your consulting job, and with the upcoming workshop that you will be teaching. (Wish I could be there). I hope you don't burn out. I always enjoy your posts. Take care.

  8. I really like the first block with the lines not matching up. It makes it look like it is dancing! How lovely that you and your mom share the love of quilting. I haven't been able to hook any of my daughters in yet.... but I won't stop trying! Are you saying that your mom has made more than one African themed quilt? If so- Wow!!

  9. I have tried to get my Mom interested in quilting herself, but to no avail! So your Mom is still an inspiration, even if you taught her. At least she was willing to learn!

  10. Oh my word, those are so pretty. It always amazes me how much of an effect fussy cutting can have on hexie blocks. :)

  11. The Route 66 blocks continue to amaze me. They're stunning. Thank you for sharing your mom and your quilting journey. It's nice that you both share such a creative spirit.