Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Empire Quilt - top and bottom rows

Today I have the top and bottom rows of The Empire Quilt to share with you. As you can see the four applique bird blocks are used in the corners. They were reverse appliqued to a white background to set them off. I chose to use the owl and the kingfishers for the top row because they are my favourite bird blocks.

I used the remaining two bird blocks in the bottom corners. When I have a block that I really like I either place it closer to the centre or at the top of the quilt because I find that these are the places where my eyes are naturally drawn.

These rows will be added to the centre panel. I just love all of these hexagon blocks and can't wait to get started on another quilt that is a variation on this hexagon quilt. It will allow me to use up the leftover solid green and green print.,

The quilt will have a border of the solid green fabric to frame the whole thing and to pull it all together. I had hoped to have the border on it by now but the sewing room is still partially packed up from the kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. Hi Karen. I'm glad to see you are back. I love your Empire Quilt. I was looking at your other finished quilts, and I'm amazed at the embroidered border on There's A Snail in my Garden. I love the leaves and want to given them a try. I enjoy coming over here to look at all of your hexagon projects.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Annelein! Sorry I couldn't send you a personal note but you are a no reply blogger! :-(

  3. Hello, glad to read your blog. I like the empire quilt. It's a beauty. Different technics. Groet, Dientje

  4. I love the birds in the four corners. Nicely frames the center bird medallion. It is looking so lovely. The green is tremendous.

  5. The top and bottom rows are stunning! I love the reverse applique for the bird blocks. The varied hexagon blocks are nothing short of inspiring!

  6. Such a unique quilt and when put together it will really be beautiful.
    You have been a busy lady - even through the remodeling!

  7. Oh this is so lovely. I can hardly wait to begin!!

  8. I am in awe Karen, amazing quilt. Wonderful design, love the applique blocks, and the hexagon blocks. It is just beautiful.