Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A little Soupcon trunk show

Only a few days until I post the last part of Soupcon, Step 6. I know many of you are working away on your Step 5 border. It is the step that involves the most work but it is also a great place for you to get creative and put your own personal stamp on the quilt. How about a quick little trunk show of what others hare doing? These pictures are all from the Soupcon FLICKR Group. I always like to link back to the maker's blog when I have the blog address. If I missed adding the link to your blog please let me know so that I can update my post!

Nellie Durand has several Soupcon quilts on the go. I just love this one because it makes me thing of men's suiting and shantung silk. It really is a happy quilt! the pink in the center of the border hexagons is in fact silk that she dyed. Notice the subtle colour changes.

Jean Cockburn also used this opportunity to make the quilt uniquely her own. I love how she repeated the modified hexagon fabric in the Step 4 border and the Step 5 border! The leaves are beautifully embellished with embroidery. If these fabrics were sitting on a table I never would have thought to combine them but they work together beautifully to produce an wonderful quilt. It is vibrant!

Just look at all the happy pansy faces appliqued in the border of Jean's second Soupcon. The green diamonds have appliqued circles in the centers and the blue pansy faces in hexagons really pull this quilt together in the most delightful way! I think this quilt would make a great medallion for a bed size quilt! I can just see it surrounded by hourglass blocks!

Heather who is The Happy Appliquer added little hexagon flowers all the way around in her border. Don't you just love all the little fussy cut hexagons? It is so fresh and delicate! Again she has repeated fabrics to lend a cohesive look to the quilt. There is so much attention to detail in each border but the center modified hexagon really is the star of this quilt!

Kat Lorien is making her hexagons for the border and they are ready to be appliqued. She had a bit of a hiccup making the quilt so she is going to see Step 6 before she adds the Step 5 border to her butterfly quilt. Notice how she used my foundation pieced English paper piecing method to make stars in the center of each border. So pretty! It is a little bit of effort that in my option really pays off in a big way.

Sheila aka Quilting Gammy posted this picture of her quilt. I love her corner treatment in the Step 5 border. It echoes the center circle. When I was designing the quilt I had in fact contemplated doing just so I'm pleased to see that Sheila also thought of it and actually did it! She also tried out the tiny foundation paper pieced EPP stars and they look terrific! The red points on the blue background really make the stars twinkle.

There are also a few new pictures of Soupcon quilts after Step 4 and they are gorgeous!

Jean Cockburn has three Soupcons completed up to Step 4. Jean uses colour boldly and confidently and I very much admire that talent. These three quilts are each so different and I can't wait to see how they look with the Step 5 border! What I do know is that they will be exciting!

Nancy aka n.mcnab167 posted this picture. The embroidery is fabulous - love the little embroidered berries and the pieced border is full of berry colours. The dark fabric background is very textural and it adds depth and drama!

tucum58quilts posted this picture. She has embellished her block with embroidery and  it is so whimsical. Check out the lovely little bees! Don't you love the watery background? The flower looks like it is floating in a pond!

Sophie aka pezze di fantasia posted pictures of two blocks she has made. I love the combination of coral, navy and aqua in the fist one. Her embroider design is an absolute delight. I hope she keeps going because she is off to a fabulous start with this one!

The second is equally beautiful. Rather than a modified hexagon she has tried out my foundation paper pieced English paper piecing technique and the star just pops off the coral background! That combined with the frosty blue background and the pale embroidery resulted in a block that is unique! I'm so glad she too has taken my ideas and done her own thing!

I'm busy writing up the final instructions for Step 6 of Soupcon and I'll have them posted early on Friday. In my spare time I am getting ready to quilt my Mom's Lazy Punk quilt. I'll share pictures with you soon!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Your buddies are doing a wonderful job! They are all beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Love the variety and how they show such individuality! Wonderful project!

  3. such fun to see all the variations, i wonder what will come next

  4. All beautiful Karen,
    Each has made it in their own style and colours.
    Julia ♥

  5. Right this is all TOO much. Im going to HAVE to start a soupcon quilt myself now.
    I keep thinking any day soon I will unearth the hexi cover that was started but has been Missing in Action, after the move from old house to this one... logically it must be here somewhere ....
    March Hexi BOM is done and Im now stitching them onto backing fabrics so an alternative to pick up is ideal, it keeps the eyes and mind fresh right? Right!
    (Tho there is a crochet afghan in a bag beside the settee but you cant SEE that bag unless you go looking for it...)
    All these utterly lovely starts and finishes and all Ive done so far is print out the templates ready to cut out!
    I will 'stash burrow' tonight and make a start this very week!
    Thats a commitment : )

  6. Wow, these are all so beautiful. You must be very proud at having instigated all these wonderful works of art. Everyone should feel justly proud. Each one is inspirational in it's own right.

  7. all these blocks,so different but just wonderful! congratulations to all of them!

  8. Such stunning and intricate work. Each of the quilts is gorgeous and so different from the others. Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration.

  9. what a great show! I haven't even start #5. So busy with the house renovations but maybe next week. I will look to see what #6 is like and maybe that will get me going again.

  10. Karen you should be very proud that you brought out the imagination and taught the skills to your students. I am so enjoying this project and have learned a lot.
    I have just seen step 6. OK, take a deep breath, read the instructions again, then follow slowly and carefully...

  11. This makes me want to play with hexagons! Such a talented group!