Thursday, August 28, 2014

Machine quilting the border and some hexagons

I've now quilted the border of Good Golly Miss Mollie (my interpretation of the Godstone Grannies coverlet) I decided to quilt straight lines and I used the width of my darning foot on my domestic sewing machine to space the lines. I really like this look and it is so fast and easy! Before I add the binding I want to quilt the half diamonds around the quilt. The reason is that the border is very narrow (about 2" at its widest) and I like to have some fabric to hang onto as I move the quilt under the needle.

I'm allowing the shapes within the hexagon diamonds dictate the quilting. This means each block will be different however I will repeat some of the motifs to give the quilt a more cohesive look. In the picture above you can see I've added very simply quilting to the hexagon rosette at the top ans well as the partial rosettes along the bottom edge. I decided to fill in the lemon yellow background hexagons with a feather. I started by quilting the spine and it followed the curve of the half rosette. I then quilted the other side and this is the result. I think it enhances the block without taking away from the hexagon design. The straight lines on the narrow border really flatten the border so that the quilting on the hexagons can shine! If you look in the upper right corner you can see a little bit of quilting on another one of the diamonds.

Here is another half diamond on the side. I haven't decided how to quilt the rust colour hexagons on the bottom edge or the fussy cut white and grey print round but I had an idea for the solid brown.

This is what I did. They remind me of fiddleheads. The quilt is stabilized and nothing will shift so I can put off quilting the rest of this half diamond until I know what I want to do.

This is a close-up of the fiddleheads. I started on the left and quilted the first fiddlehead and then stitched along the edge of the taupe hexagon until I got to the point of the next so I could quilt the next fiddlehead. I continued in this way until each of them had its own fiddlehead!

Here's another example of how I'm allowing the hexagons to dictate the quilting. I had an idea as to how I would quilt the centre of each of the four hexagon rosettes and the dark brown frames.

Feathers are great for filling hexagons and three plumes per hexagon seems to do the trick! I haven't decided how I'll fill in the rosette or the rusty hexagons but it will come to me!

So there you have it! The quilting is underway and it is making me think about each block and what I should do! Stay tuned for more pictures!

Tomorrow I'll post  another installment in my Value Proposition Hexagon QAL, Side Setting Block 2 and the following Friday will be Block 11. I hope you'll be back for a visit! Until then, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Your fiddlehead (I learn a new word, how come it's not fernhead....) are impressive. What size are they ? Your hexagone looks so small. As always, nice work !

  2. Your quilting looks great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  3. Such a timely post! I am trying to figure out how to quilt my hexagon quilt. You have given me tons(!) of ideas. Thanks, Karen

  4. It does look like you are having fun - and making great progress too! It's looking great!

  5. What great ideas you have, Karen. This is going to be lovely. I'm learning so much from you!!!

  6. Wow, this looks terrific!


  7. Karen, your quilting is STUNNING! You, my dear are a Wonderful Quilter, Designer, Piecer! I wish I could see this in person!

  8. Beautiful quilting and another great block. Thanks so much. Bunny

  9. The fiddleheads are absolutely adorable and AMAZING!!! I Love all that you've done, the "striped" border, and the feathers in the centre block, it is all just fabulous! Amazing talent. Love it all!! Thanks for always sharing. Love the close up pictures too.

  10. you are really a very good quilter Karen! it's amazing how you can quilt on such little haxagons!!!

  11. I fell off my chair when I saw the photo of your little feathers on the hexagons. Your quilting really blows me away!! Amazing!!

  12. If I remember correctly, those hexagons are 3/4" -right? That makes those fiddlehead feathers incredible! Wow. I invite you to link that photo to Hexie Weekend. It's so fabulous.

  13. You never cease to amaze me Lady.
    Quite how you manage to 'see' which design will exemplify an area leaves me gobsmacked - as they say over here!
    That ( laborious lol) straight lined edging is such a perfect foil against the intricacy and wealth of quilting elsewhere!
    And fiddleheads - what a perfect name for the shape! - in such small hexis - yup -
    Gobsmacked ~

  14. Your FMQ is WONDERFUL!. Sooo lovely. The fussy cuts of the fabric is just amazing. Love this quilt. Wonderful work. Can't wait to see more of it.