Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quilting the centre hexagon diamond in Good Golly Miss Mollie

I've started to quilt the hexagon diamond block that is in the middle of the quilt. This is the block before it was stitched into my quilt Good Golly Miss Mollie which is my version of the Godstone Grannies coverlet. Each hexagon is 3/4" and I'm doing the quilting on my domestic sewing machine, a Juki TL2010Q.

I've quilted the pale yellow round with feathers and I'll show that to you but first I want to talk about the dark rust outer round of hexagons. I used my darning foot and free motion quilted straight lines. I didn't need to use the walking foot because the distance to quilt on each hexagon was short. The trick was to find spots to stop so that I could reposition my hands and that point was the inner point where two hexagons join.

I left this for several days before deciding what next. Because this is the centre of the quilt I want the quilting to be interesting. I finally decided on a simple feather motif. I started at the lower left and worked my way to the top. I them moved to the lower right and worked my way to the top. You can also see some quilting in the pale yellow hexagons. Notice that I again used the fiddlehead motif at the top.

Here you can see the difference this bit of quilting made to the rust round of hexagons. The left side is filled in with the feathers and the right side is not.

I quilted some feather motifs in the pale yellow. I haven't decided how I will quilt the taupe hexagons or the four in the centre. For now I'll just move on and quilt another area. Eventually the quilting solution will come to me!

Here is the block with the feathers quilted all the way around on the rust hexagons.

I hope I've given you some ideas for quilting hexagons! Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Wow, Karen, I love the look of this quilting. Thanks for sharing with you.
    Ps. I used the Hairspray for my Mickey and it helped a little bit.

  2. I now can hardly wait to finish one of my hexie projects to try out these ideas! Thanks!

  3. Indeed you have, and on a domestic! It looks beautiful.

  4. your quilt is tiny and fantastic! i love it so much
    have a nice sunday Karen

  5. i really can't get over you. 3/4 inch hexies with 3 feathers in each. those are small! you must spend hours quilting and sewing a day. your passion is inspiring. and then you take time to blog and share all this wonderfulness with us. thank you

    1. Hi Susan - you are a no reply blogger so I can't send you an email. There have been comments about the small feathers in the hexagons. I find that working small is actually easier. If were asked to draw a circle that is 8" in diameter it would be a challenge to get it perfect. On the other hand I can draw a circle the size of a small coin with ease. The same is true when I'm quilting. Big shapes are harder to manage than small shapes. Also little mistakes kind of disappear but big mistakes, like a wonky circle, just scream "look at me"!

  6. Oh heavens all those beautiful tiny feathers I only dream that I can ever be as good as you.
    Amazing Hugs Bunny