Thursday, February 5, 2015

Round two in the Birds in the Loft Medallion

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I've made my next fabric choice for Birds in the Loft and it is a drab olive tone that can be fussy cut for this section of the medallion. I've already used it to make a pair of hexagon rosettes. The fabric is Malvern Hill by Judie Roche and Corienne Kramer for Henry Glass. This is probably one of my favourite fabrics in my stash.

This is one of the hexagon rosettes made with the fabric. I am using 1" hexagons. It is good to repeat fabrics in this way because it adds some control to a scrap quilt making it look less manic!

After the olive round I will add another round of the off-white background fabric. This is what I have diagrammed for the medallion.

I've cut all of my patches and I've managed to stitch some of the olive and the background hexagons. The little stinker is pulling out the pins that are holding these bits to my design wall. There will be four sections in total and all will be made separately before I attach them to the medallion.

I've got the bottom two units to construct and then I'll finalize my next fabric choice! What will it be - I've narrowed it down to two fabrics.

I've also stitched the second of a pair of hexagons rosettes made with a striped fabric. Two days ago I showed you the first with the stripes radiating outwards.

This is the second hexagon rosette made with the same fabrics but the stripes circle the centre hexagon. Two similar but different looks. I was able to cut both from a 2 1/2" strip of fabric but I just oriented the hexagons differently on the strip. In the upper rosette I made sure that the inner edge lined up so that the corners were at the edges of the brown strip. In the rosette below I made sure that the inner edge lined up at the bottom of the blue strip. They aren't perfect but that is perfectly fine with me being as I'm not perfect! It still produces the desired effect.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Very pretty. I'm enjoying following along on your project. I love to EPP too.

  2. So will you have flowers with that green in the four spaces set off by another color. So enjoying the process. Looking good!

  3. Gorgeous!! I'd missed you starting this project (wedding!!) but I'm looking forward to seeing more. Almost makes me want to start some EPP but I have to hold my horses for now!!

  4. I love seeing how you fussy cut your fabric. Your hexi's are so beautiful!