Thursday, January 28, 2016

Setting triangles and diamonds for Road 66

Anne in South Wales (sorry I couldn't reply to your message Anne but you are a no reply blogger) asked about the size of the little triangles which form part of the path in my Road 66 quilt top.The path is made up of little triangles and diamonds.

The hexagons used in Road 66 are 1 1/4". A hexagon has six sides each of which is the same length. When we talk about the size of a hexagon we are referring to the length of each of the six sides.  Thus a 1 1/4" hexagon’s sides each measure 1 1/4"”.

The measurement from point to point of a hexagon is simply two times the size of a hexagon. This means that the point to point measurement of a 1/14" hexagon is 2 1/2".

A hexagon can be subdivided into three diamonds each of which has four sides. In the case of a 1 1/4" hexagon each of those four sides will measure 1 1/4". This is the size of the diamonds that I used in the path for my Road 66 quilt.

The triangles in the path (where the blocks intersect) are simply a hexagon divided into six segments. In the case of a 1 1/4" hexagon each of those three sides will measure 1 1/4". This is the size of triangles that I used in the path for my Road 66 quilt.

You can also fussy cut your diamonds or triangles and then sew them together to make some fun and interesting blocks. Three fussy cut diamonds sewn together make this interesting block.

You could use three different fabrics, one dark, one medium and one light to make a classic tumbling block.

Six triangles fussy cut and sewn together make one big happy hexagon like this!
All of these blocks are part of my quilt Hexagreens.

Hexagreens by Karen H 2009

To read more about constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing hexagons you may want to read a post that I wrote back in 2013!

There's be no sewing for me today because I'm going to a party to celebrate a special occasion with some friends. Hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow!

Until I post again, happy sewing.
Karen H


  1. so beautiful-as always, I get inspired when I visit-love those little diamonds-pretty cool
    enjoy your day!

  2. This is a beautiful lesson about hexagons. Thank you.

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  4. Thank you for making it look so easy.

  5. This is wonderful info - nicely done. Beautiful work! Thanks.

    1. Thanks Lynn - I'm so pleased to know that you found it helpful. Sorry I couldn't send you a personal note but you are a no reply blogger! :-(

  6. They are so fantastic your hexagon quilts. Thank you for this introduction to drawing out different shapes going together. So simple, when you've seen it this easy way.

  7. Awesome quilt Karen !! Thank you too for the tutoriel about the hexies !
    Each time I read your blog, I learn something.....:)

  8. What an interesting and informative post. Thank you for the explanation and visual aides. Perfect!

  9. another very interesting and helpfull post! thanks to you're so generous
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  10. The diamonds really add to the quilt. Great that you post the information on the hexagons. A Math refresher is always great.

  11. Really enjoyed the lesson. So interesting to see the possibilities. Love your Hexagreens quilt.