Friday, February 19, 2016

Progress and the Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along

I love to show progressions so I though I would recap the progression of my 2016 Quilt Along (QAL) quilt. There will be three main fabrics to make this quilt and then the rest will be scraps. My design is a medallion quilt with a few borders. The medallion begins with a bird that was appliqued to a light background. If you don't like applique you could substitute a large print instead.

The bird was reverse appliqued to a solid green fabric. The solid green is one of my three main fabric choices. I chose the solid green because it gives a "flat" effect.

To the solid green I appliqued a ring of solid white hexagons. The solid white was my second fabric choice.

I next appliqued the medallion to a lovely green print and it is my third fabric choice. These three fabric choices, solid white, solid green and green print, will be used in other parts of the quilt but the remaining blocks and appliques will all be made with assorted scraps.

There is one final green border and it is a repeat of the solid green fabric. I should have spend a little more time smoothing it out when pinning it to the fence but it was very cold so I wanted to just take the pictures and get back inside where it was warm! That is it for the green fabrics until I get to the very outside edges of the quilt at which point they will be used again!

I'll be posting more pictures showing the progress of the 2016 QAL quilt so stay tuned. Once the top is together I can write up the instructions and start posting the patterns.

In 2014 my quilt along was called Value Proposition. You can find links to the basic instructions here OR if you prefer you can visit my Craftsy Store where you can purchase the  entire Value Proposition Quilt Pattern. It is a 60+ page booklet that includes everything everything you need to know about English paper piecing. It covers topics such as fabric selection, rapid fire cutting techniques, back basting, whip stitch and simplified quilt assembly methods. There is also a FAQ section that you will find helpful. The reason I mention this is that one of my readers has finished her Value Proposition Quilt. Deb of The Tooth Fairy Quilter sent me pictures of her quilt and gave me permission to share them with you! How exciting is that? For me it is very exciting!

What you can't see is that there are many little fussy cuts in this quilt. The ones that are my favourites are little white sheep on a caramel coloured background. Well done Deb and congratulations on a fine finish!

Another reader, Mary Huey of Quilting Through Rose-Colored Trifocals has almost finished her interpretation of Value Proposition. In this picture you can see that Mary's quilt is being basted in preparation for quilting. 

The picture above is on Mary's blog and she very graciously sent me another picture of the quilt so that you could see it in its entirety! I love the addition of the floral fabric in the border. It has a lovely shabby chic look and feel. Can't you just picture this quilt on a old white enameled bed frame? I can. It would make a lovely summer quilt.

If you were following the Value Proposition Flickr Group you will already have seen Cynthia's interpretation of Value Proposition. This version is completely different from the other two. It reminds me of a bag of jelly beans! The colours are so bright, clear and vibrant! Cynthia used a striped fabric for the border and it is a different treatment from the other two but equally impressive!

Finally this is my Value Proposition quilt. It was inspired by an antique quilt.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Deb, Mary and Cynthia's work along with mine. Did you finish your Value Proposition quilt? I would love to share it on my blog so why not send me an email to let me know.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. What eye candy! I loved seeing how different all the Value Proposition Quilts look. They all have their own personalities. Beautiful work. Mine is waiting to stitch together. The Rosettes and partials are done and I am basting pathway hexagons. I am doing a triple pathway and each Rosette has one pathway stitched around it.
    I am loving the medallion sew along so far. I really love green. And birds. And hexies.......

  2. The bird block is very pretty. The fabrics selected for the bird oh so interesting.

  3. You made a nice bird. Into the medallion it is perfect. What are the sizes of the block? It is a pretty one to see. Groetjes, Dientje

  4. I am (still) loving the look of the 2016 SAL!! How neat to see the finished Value Propositions - and wonderful how different they all are :-)

  5. Always wonderful to see your finished quilts-and I Love your bird-very special
    Happy Saturday

  6. Dear Karen,
    just love to see the progress on your SAL in 2016 and really enjoyed the pictures of the 2014 SAL. That was when I first started looking at your blog posts.

  7. I am still working on it. Have the rows prepared and stitching the rows together. A long process for me as I am working on more than one project. Have borders cut and ready, when I finish the top I'll send along a photo.

  8. The quilts from your Value Proposition QAL are lovely. Thank you for showing them all. They are all so different. The 2016 QAL is looking good!

  9. It must be fascinating, and rewarding, to see how different quilters use your patterns. All the quilts are beautiful. I'm still intrigued by your 2016 QAL.

  10. What fun to see three of them "side-by-side" -- they all look so different.

  11. Love the bird with the strawberry perfect fabric and such excellent hand work!
    I loved the showing of finished 2014 QAL they are all fabulous! I love the finishing on both ends by Cynthia what a great idea such talented instructors and followers on line what a privilege

  12. Still working on mine! I finished all the main rosettes but stalled for quite a bit half way through stitching the path; but have just cut some more hexies to slog on a bit further.