Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blocks times three and Jinxie

I continue to piece blocks while I ponder my options for the border fabric in the Gardens of a King quilt pattern. I've only got four more pieced blocks to go before I can sew together the middle of quilt. I'm sew excited to see how it looks when it's stitched together.

The next two Gardens of a King quilt pieced blocks are reading for sharing. I love the effect of the bold striped red fabric that frames the small brown star. I think it is very dramatic!

The blue looks quite bright on my computer screen but it is actually much softer. I had used two different gold fabrics for the star in the middle. I wish I had used golds with a stronger contrast. Oh well, it is what it is and it is staying the way it is!

I also managed to get one Lozagons block stitched! Busy fingers, n'est ce pas? The purple floral print is a very old piece of fabric from the bag of scraps I bought at a church jumble sale and the yellow print and the green print with orange flowers are both older fabrics from my 1930s fabric stash. I quite like this block and think that once it is surrounded with turquoise stars it will sparkle! I'm working on these blocks slowly but the pile of completed blocks is growing! Guess I'll have to start thinking about the next hexagon quilt soon!

This Friday and Saturday there is a quilt show in Toronto, Celebration of Quilts XII hosted by York Heritage Quilters' Guild. It should be a wonderful show. I'm looking forward to this one! Heck I look forward to all quilt shows because they are great places to be inspired and to socialize with friends old and new! If photography is permitted I hope to take some pictures to share with you! If you are in the area why not plan on attending the show? There will be quilts galore and more than twenty vendors in the Merchant's Mall!

I had mentioned that I've switched to a new computer and had some issues with my camera and software but all is sorted and I'm taking pictures like crazy. I thought I would leave you with a picture of baby Jinx! He is a cutie-pie for sure but I just wish he would spend more time sleeping and less time on my sewing table stealing my sewing tools!

Time for me to make a cuppa and get some work done. Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Beautiful blocks Karen! Yes, busy fingers indeed. Little Jinx looks like he is recovering well from his surgery. He is a lovely looking cat.

  2. Little Jinxie is so adorble - hope he doesn't create too much havoc with your tools. If he's like my Zorro he knows when he's in trouble and then tries to kiss up making him even more adorable =^..^=

  3. I enjoy seeing how you play with value to change the look of your blocks. I agree that quilt shows are always fun and full of inspiration. Little Jinx is very sweet!

  4. love love love those two upper blocks and of course Jinx is a treasure

  5. Love the red one, Karen -- charming little kitten -- I can see the "minx" in her eyes!!

  6. Beautiful blocks but those pink paw pads steal the show...

  7. Jinx is a cutie! Your blocks are looking awesome...two more Two try to decide which one I like better! You sure do get a lot done lady!

  8. Jinx is such a beautiful little guy. I bet he keeps you busy. Your blocks are really pretty too.