Friday, November 28, 2014

Value Proposition Quilt Along - Block 17

Welcome back to my Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along. Can you believe we are already at Block 17? Next Friday I'll publish the instructions for the final two Side Setting Blocks and the Friday after will be the final block!

Value Proposition Map for Block 17

Value Proposition Recipe for Block 17
  • Cut 18 Light identified as A on Map (6 for Round 1, and 12* for Round 3)
  • Cut 8 Mediums identified as B on Map (for Round 2)
  • Cut 6 Dark-medium identified as on Map (for Round 3)
  • Cut 5 Dark identified as D on Map (1 for Centre and 4 for Round 2)
* I had some leftover "made" fabric from a previous block and I used it in Round 3 because it was Light

My Value Proposition Block 17

This is the colour version of Block 17.  I was using up bits and pieces of leftovers because we are getting close to the end and I didn't want to waste those precious hexagons!

Have you decided on your path fabric yet? I designed the quilt with a triple path. This means that each block is surrounded with a path fabric and between the blocks will be a second path fabric (marked in pink in the drawing). This means you will surround each of the 18 blocks with a round of 24 hexagons. This can be done at any time but since we are nearing the end of the QAL I would suggest you get started! For a refresher on the path you can refer to the post about Constructing the Path.

The partial blocks will have path hexagons attached as well. Make the path with 13 hexagons (see "outer path for partial blocks" in the diagram below).

If you have already selected your middle path fabric you could start sewing the hexagons together for the path as in the following diagram.

I set up a Value Proposition QAL page on Flickr so that you can post pictures of your blocks and also see what others are doing! There are many very different and exciting blocks to see and there are also some pictures showing a bunch of blocks arranged together and that is very exciting to see! 
If you are looking for previous Block installments of my Value Proposition Hexagon QAL you will find all of the links under the tab Quilt Alongs by Karen H just under the banner. Have fun making Block 17. The two final side setting blocks will be available on December 5th! 
 The final block, Block 18, will be available on December 12, 2014. 

I hope you are enjoying my QAL. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I send an email response to every comment so if you don't hear from me it means you are a no-reply blogger and I have no way of contacting you (unless you leave me your email address).

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H

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