Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ninja Stars and Split Star!

It has been some time since I last shared a hexagon star using my foundation paper pieced English paper piecing technique. I've published a free instruction booklet called Easier Than Pie and Beyond - Where Foundation Piecing Meets English Paper Piecing and you will find it under the tab English Paper Piecing & Hexagon Fun just under the banner at the top of this page. It provides you with all of the basics. I've also published quite a few tutorials on this technique.This star reminds me of those stars that movie Ninjas throw at their enemies so I call it Ninja Star!

Close-up of Loopers in the Sky with Diamonds by Karen H

Close-up of Stars in the Loft by Karen H

It is a very simple star and this is the template I used to make it! The numbers on the template indicate the order of placement of fabric.My method is so easy! The basic foundation paper piecing instructions are here.  The instructions for basting the foundation paper pieced hexagon are here.

I initially developed this technique because I couldn't find the fabrics I wanted to use to make my quilt Stars in the Loft. My solution was to make the fabric on the paper hexagon! I worked a treat and since then I've used this technique with great success to create some interesting designs!

This is such a versatile technique and the possibilities for creating interesting hexagons are limitless. Today I'll share another hexagon star that I made! This one is a little more challenging but the method is the same and you don't have to put many of these stars in a quilt to make it sparkle! I call it Split Star.

Split Star by Karen H

The trick to this one is to use two different values of the same colour to form the star points. I used I light green and a medium green and each was placed in the same position on the hexagon template.

I can just hear you asking "what size are the hexagons?" It is up to you but I used a 1" hexagon to make Split Star. I've used this technique on 1/2" hexagons! What's that you ask? Where do I get the 1" hexagons? Easy!  I've published master templates in various sizes under the tab English Paper Piecing & Hexagon Fun. I just print off one copy of the size I want to use and I draw my sewing lines on it. If I think I'm going to make lots of stars of the same design I'll make copies of my drawing and save it as a master copy from which all copies will be made. If I'm only going to make one or two stars I just draw them on the template and cut them out!

I've got another variation of the Split Star to share with you but I'll save that for another day! I can tell you this - it is fabulous!

Time for me to get back to working on testing the Gardens of a King quilt pattern by Missie. She has published more teasers of her quilt pattern on her blog this morning and you can see them here.

And if you haven't yet visited the Blogger's Quilt Festival please do so! I've got 81 The Giant Monstrosity entered in the Home Machine Quilted category, Cherry Blossom in Original Design and 81 The Giant Monstrosity is also in Viewer's Choice. You can vote for your favourite quilts in these categories and an additional eight categories! Voting is open now until the end of day on Friday, November 7.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I haven't made hexagons for a while but love the way you do these so will definitely get back to them one day - hopefully in the near future! I didn't realise you had a booklet too - thank you :-)

  2. I love the way these hexagons look. Always you do great work. And thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent.

  3. I love your stars Karen. A couple more to add to my collection.

  4. Your stars are wonderful and thank you for sharing your techniques. Thank you for the booklet. I will put it to good use.

  5. I LOVE that split star! So beautiful! An entire quilt would be beautiful done with just this one block!