Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Crimbo, Happy Holidays and another sneak peak!

Papier mache Santas that I made almost 20 years ago

Happy holidays everyone! Life here is still not back to normal after the ice storm on Saturday night. My Mom is staying with us until her electricity is back on. We are having fun sewing, chatting and eating but I know she would rather be in her own home. Fingers crossed the power is back on by the weekend!

Today we had a lovely Christmas surprise. Mom and I were each given a seam ripper for Christmas. My brother made them for us!

You hold the gold tube at the end and pull. Out comes the seam ripper and you just slip the tube into the wooden handle.

He turned these on his lathe and used different burls. Look at the beautiful figuring and colouration on Mom's! The burl used for mine is very fine grain so it didn't photograph well but it is gorgeous and I love it!

Such a lovely, thoughtful gift that will be put to good use but hopefully not too much use. I mean after all, who wants to do a lot of reverse sewing? I would rather get it right the first time! I told my brother he should make seam rippers to sell; I'm sure that quilters would love them. I will cherish mine for sure!

Speaking of reverse sewing, I am working on my quilt along (QAL) quilt and pattern and have decided to do a little reverse sewing. Darn! At least I have the perfect new tool for that! The reverse sewing is just to make at adjustment to the size of a border so it isn't a catastrophe. Here is another of the fabrics I am using! It is great for fussy cutting. All I ever had was a fat quarter and I use it judiciously....sure wish I had more of it!

So this is what I've done with the fabric but it might be a little "dull"!

How about this? Any better? Maybe! Guess you'll just have to wait and see which version I go with and what I'm going to do with it!

Yesterday afternoon the sky was blue and the ice on the poor, beat-up willow looked like tinsel!

Today it is grey and big, fat fluffy flakes are falling. We have snow for Christmas! Now all we need is some electricity!

May all your days (and especially today) be merry and bright. Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. the seam rippers are gorgeous! yes he should try to sell them too, handmade tools are the best-Hope your Mom's electric gets turned on soon-we still have most of our ice too-hopefully some sunshine today

    1. Thanks Kathy. I'll pass on the kind words. Mom's electric is back on so she is itching to be home again. We've had fun together sewing and whatnot!

  2. The seam rippers are gorgeous! This blogger sells some that her husband makes but they sell out fast,
    You are very lucky!

    1. Thanks Barb. I've told him he should sell them. He has also made me a stiletto that I just love to use and I'm sure that they would be popular with quilters too. Maybe he'll set up an Etsy shop and I can feed him ideas for things quilters would like!