Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making gifts means no quilting

Good morning! I made this embroidery many years ago. It was from a pattern in a magazine (McCall's I think). I made a pair of them and thought I would make pillow shams to go with my quilt A Few of My Favourite Things.
Close-up of A Few of My Favourite Things
But I never managed to actually make the pillowcases. Now that I've had a good look at the embroideries I'll give them a press and put them away again until I get some inspiration to make something with them!

I want to quilt so badly but it is December and I must get some gifts made for friends and family. This means my sewing table is a mess with bits and pieces of what I'm working on. Just look! But at least the mess is a productive mess. I have a couple of Tiny World Pincushions in the works.

And then there are these little bits and pieces of something pretty! I came across a pattern and I am going to test it out before I show you the finished product. Of course I will embellish it with my own special touches. Can you guess what it will be? I hope to finish it today so I can show it to you tomorrow!

Yesterday one of my readers mentioned that the "search" function isn't working on my blog and she is correct. It appears that there is a problem with the Blogger search widget and I'm not the only one with the problem. I don't know how to fix it so I will consult with a friend who understands computer lingo and see if she can tell me how to solve the problem! The reader was looking for information about how to make Lazy Punk blocks.
Lazy Punk

If you are interested in making your own Lazy Punk blocks visit my Tips and Tutorials page. I've posted all of the links to the pages. I didn't call the quilt Lazy Punk for nothing...the blocks are surprisingly easy to make, especially if you top stitch them as Babs did in her quilt Top Punk (I wrote about it yesterday).

Forest Gumby out in the solarium watching the sparrows in the garden. You can see one of the sparrows in the upper right hand corner. It is like TV for cats .... action packed but more energy efficient that the real TV!


Until I post again, happy sewing!


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    1. Thanks Tammy! They sure were fun to make. I just love little sewing knick knacks like this!