Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Do you know where my shirt is" and Gutermann thread

This will be a surprise for my friend Babs! She came over to baste a quilt top that she made and when it was done we folded it up to pin baste another quilt top. She packed everything to go home but guess what she forgot to take with her? Her quilt! Perfect opportunity for me to share it with you! I think it has a real French "provencal" feel to it!

Yellow Bird by Babs, 2014

She calls her quilt Yellow Bird because that was the name of one of the fabrics she used, the black, white and yellow border print! She combined it with the subtle yellow background print. It gives the quilt such a lovely fresh look and feel. But this beautiful quilt has a dark side! Each of the hexagon flowers had a black and white check hexagon in the center but the fabric didn't come from a quilt shop. No, Babs cut up her husband's favourite shirt to make those hexagons! Naughty Babs but honestly it was the perfect choice for the hexagons! Good thing he does his own laundry! He has no idea that his shirt was repurposed!

Here you can see the border print used as a border.

It was also used to make the fussy cut hexagons.

The hexagons were machine appliqued to a lovely yellow background.

The hexagons were appliqued the squares were stitched together. Single hexagons were appliqued over the intersections. Babs used these same techniques to maker her quilt What the Hexagon? She likes making the rosettes of hexagons but didn't want to spend time making a path so this method was a great alternative. It also allowed her to use hexagons of different sizes that were leftovers from other projects or that were given to her. The diamond hexagons were made by my Mom and given to Babs. She wanted to use them so this quilt was the perfect project!

What the Hexagon by Babs, 2011

If you use Superior Threads you will know that the cap pops off so you can anchor your threads. I also use Gutermann threads and there is a little spot where you can wrap the cut end of your thread so it doesn't unspool. You can see it at the bottom of the spool on the left. I was looking at the spool and wondering if the piece at the bottom could be popped to make wrapping thread easier and guess what? It does! You can see it on the spool on the right! Who knew? Well now you know!

The following has nothing to do with quilting but I wanted to share. This is Dog the Cat, 7.6 petite pounds of cuteness lounging in the yard two days ago. She was a beloved member of The Girl's family.

Dog had a rough beginning but when she was rescued by The Girl and Goat she found a loving home where she was cherished and adored. Some thoughtless person put out antifreeze likely to deal with local skunks and raccoons. It is a cruel thing to do to any being. While Dog's suffering is over thanks to the compassionate care she received from the veterinarian The Girl and Goat are beside themselves. Dog was a tiny little girl with a big personality and her passing has left a huge void.

Until I post again, please go and give someone you love a big hug!
Karen H


  1. Hi Karen, I forgot to write about your finished GG-top yesterday. I just love it!
    Your friends quilt is great.
    I am really sorry for your lost. I know , how it is to lose a beloved cat. I send you a big hug from here.
    Lots of love

  2. What a delightful surprise Karen! You did provide inspiration along with way.
    Thanks. So sad to hear about Dog.

  3. Stories like that are why my cats are indoors only. People have gotten so cruel. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

    Your friend's quilts are lovely. Can't wait to hear about when the husband figures out what happened to his shirt!

  4. Who knew about Guttermann threads - I thought that little bumpy ring was just to wind your thread in to secure it. I'm off to see if I can get one to pop off...!

  5. Your right, that wonderful quilt does look very french chic!
    Mens shirts do have some wonderful fabrics, probably just as well I no longer have a man anymore!!
    (I knew there must have been a reason or two why I missed having one ........)
    SO sorry about Dog, after many years in cat rescue, Ive seen the damage done by antifreeze and slug pellets and the stamens in lilies too.
    Sadly many folks use antifreeze and slug pellets deliberately to rid themselves of visiting creatures.
    I just wish they were made to standy by and watch the poisoning effects it causes to life.
    Then Id have to be held back from poking their bloody eyes out ~

  6. Pretty yellow quilt. Very unusual. Don't see yellow used as a main color these days. I love the bird print-very elegant! Using her hubby's favorite shirt had me laughing out loud! That's something I would do! I've been known to buy multiples of clothing just to use as yardage!

    I am so sorry to hear of Dog's passing. Our pets bring so much into our lives and live so deeply in our hearts.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Dog. The passing of a beloved pet can leave a huge hole in our lives. Especially when it happens so quickly and in such an awful way. I hope you feel the great big hug I'm sending your way.

    The Yellow quilt is lovely. Thanks for sharing it.