Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yellow Bird is quilted and progress on the new hexagon project

Yellow Bird is done and I hope my friend Babs likes what I did to her quilt! The last decision I had to make was what to quilt in the black inner border and I decided to go with a figure 8. It is a simple and quick motif to quilt and it can be very effective.

I used the figure 8 in my quilt Piccadilly to the Nines (which I plan on finishing this week)!

Close-up of Piccadilly to the Nines figure 9 quilting

Probably the trickiest part is figuring out how to deal with the mitered corners but if you know the trick it isn't difficult. It quilts very easily because for many of us a figure 8 is a familiar shape to doodle. You can read about how I quilt my figure 8's here.

Bab's used a black backing and I think it is fabulous. I used Superior The Bottom Line (silver colour) in the bobbin and I think the thread and quilting look great on the back. I just love the way the figure 8 quilting looks on the back.

I'll try to get outside to take a picture of the entire quilt but for now you will have to be happy with the corner. I am beyond thrilled with the feather border on the outside. I've never done anything like it and have simply amazed myself! Really! You don't know what you can do until you try! The plumes are not equal or identical but you don't see that...all you see is the lovely texture that they create!

Last week I shared a picture of a quilt that I fell in love with and it is next on my very long "to make" list! I saw this quilt on Lorraine's blog. It is such a cheerful quilt! If you love hexagon quilts be sure to click on that link because there are several lovely hexagon quilts in the post.

I went through my stash and pulled fabrics. I pulled these two for the turquoise snowflakes.

These fabrics are being turned into these rosettes! I've got a nice pile started!

I also pulled these two fabrics for the center medallion.

I added a subtle off-white, tone on tone print and now have the beginning of the medallion stitched together!

The next step is a border of the off-white fabric followed by a pink border. I've selected the fabric I will used so I'll prep some hexagons for basting when I'm out and about!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I don't know how you get so much done! Lovely, as usual.

  2. Karen that border feather is simply wonderful. It adds so much to the quilt.. i am sure Babs will be thrilled, and hope there is room on your own quilt to have some similar while it is still in your head. Loving where you are headed with the new hexie

  3. Oh gosh! I am loving this Rosie hexie design! It's beautiful!

  4. All I can say is YOU are AMAZING" I look at fabric so different than the yards and yards I have LOL.

  5. Simply stunning......all of it is simply stunning. I need to buy a dictionary so I can come up with new words for your quilts.

  6. So-o-o, Karen -- do you have a housekeeper? How much time do you spend stitching day in and day out? I'm impressed!

  7. What a new stunning quilting!!!!! I think i'll send to you my next patchwork quilt!!!!lol
    Your new project and Your hexagons are fabulous.... Do you happen to sleep my dear Karen! You're very productiv.... Congratulations to you!
    I dream of quilting with you one day !!!

  8. Karen -- WOW!!! I love, love, love your feather quilting too!! Isn't it just so much fun. Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt with us -- you did a fantastic job on it. Thanks also, for stopping by the blog -- I haven't gotten out and about much so it's nice to jump over and say hi!! Hugs, Karen

  9. Gorgeous quilts....sure loving the yellow.

  10. Yellow Bird looks sumptuous : )
    love the hexi quilt idea, its such a cheery design too!
    Found this link which I thought was interesting and abit of fun too, you might not have seen it lol

  11. Yellow Bird has really taken off...what a delightful pattern you have chosen to quilt.
    It is truly a work of art and I love it.

  12. Love your quilting, and your hexagons!

  13. Absolutely love your feathers....they are probably my fav quilting design!