Monday, September 8, 2014

Another one and another one!

I've got two "another ones" for you today, a reader's Value Proposition Hexagon QAL blocks and my Mom's (Anne H) latest African quilt.

Deb arranged her Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along blocks on her design wall and we can see there is another fabulous quilt in the making! They are very different from Bunny's blocks that I showed  you yesterday but equally stunning! I don't think Deb has decided on the colour for her middle path although she has auditioned some possible fabrics.

My Mom had made an African themed quilt and it was purchased by a friend who loves her work. She took it to a framer who affixed it to a scrim which was then stretched over a wood frame. It was stunning and Mom and I thought it was a great idea so she made a small quilt and we stretched it over an artist canvas. This is the first attempt. It isn't perfect but I've now got the basic idea as to how to do it!

We purchased an artist canvas that was stretched over a wood frame. The quilt top was trimmed so that the width and length were each 1/2" larger than the canvas (this extra 1/2" is for the seam allowances). I attached 1 1/2" strips of black fabric to all four sides of the quilt and the sewing was started/stopped 1/4" from the corners; each strip was about 1/2" longer than the length/width of the quilt. I pulled the strips to the back and used a staple gun to staple them in place but I left the corners loose. At the corners I turned the edges under and with black thread stitched them together. The last step was to staple the corners. We are pretty happy with how it turned out. Now she had better get cracking on another wall hanging so I can quilt and frame it for her!

I'll be out tomorrow so there'll be no post until Wednesday so until then, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Tell your Mom I just love love her African pieces-they are just so wonderful and special

  2. I love that framing idea! Must try it:)

  3. Debs blogs are wonderful love her colours too. Tell your Mom she is a Treasure I just love her African Themed quilts. I have tried to find that magazine at Canadian Quilters on line but to no avail. I have made a few Embroidered African Themed wall hangings as gifts years ago. She is an inspiration. Bunny

  4. The hexies are beautiful and your mothers quilt is stunning . I would love to try this method of framing it looks fantastic .

  5. Well done Deb and Mom too : )
    That framing method is worth keeping in mind -a great idea!

  6. Can you show that framing in more detail please? I would like to see the back and the corners from the side.
    Those hexagons look great!

    1. I would be more than happy to share pictures! My Mom is working on another piece so when she is ready to have it framed I'll take pictures and do a tutorial!

  7. You and your Mom are so talented. It must be really nice to be able to work together. Mom and I love it each, but it's like trying to put oil and water together...grin.

  8. Deb's quilt is lovely. I like the idea of stretching a quilt over a canvas. I think it shows your mom's quilt, very well.