Friday, September 12, 2014

Quilting a Soupcon quilt (not mine)

My friend Grace from my quilt guild participated in my first QAL, Soupcon. Her quilt making was interrupted as her daughters needed her sewing space for their study area so calls her quilt QAL Interrupted! I believe it is intended to be a gift for her sister. Grace decided not to add the last paper pieced border because she was happy with the look and size of her quilt. I agree - it is very pretty indeed!

She did some really lovely embroidery in the centre. Look at all the pretty bullion knot roses!

Grace asked if I would quilt it for her and I told her I would if I got my quilts finished. I did get them done so Wednesday night I picked up Grace's quilt and first thing Thursday morning I started working on it. Thew show is in eight days! YIKES!!!! I stitched around the star and on both sides of the pink ring. Next step was to add some feathers to fill the spaces between the ring and the embroidery.

I then quilted on either side of the narrow pink borders, around each little square and finally little curved lines in the background behind the little squares. I've not decided what to do in the squares so that's on hold.

This is what if looks like on the back. I love a simple print like this because is shows off the quilting.

Back to the pink ring and another round of feathers but before quilting them I quilting a line just inside the outer edge of the ring. It provides a place to stop the feathers and I flattens the edge so that the feather is accepted. I am crazy about this pink border. I don't know what it is but I love it. When I was preparing to add them I made sure that they moved in the same direction as the feathers on the light blue background. I thought it would be more comfortable for the eye.

I filled the royal blue background with a bunch of doodling or free form quilting if you prefer. I used Superior Fantastico in a steely blue colour (2152). When you see it in person it almost looks gold on the royal blue background but there is no yellow in it at all! I quite like the effect because it looks like brocade!

I think it looks great from the back.

I have to quilt the centre star and the outer pink border but right now I'm stuck for ideas. A cup of tea and a good think will solve that problem! Then I can finish the quilting and prep the quilt for the sleeve and binding!

Until I post again happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Morning Karen! You are doing such a wonderful job on the soupçon quilt. Your friend is going to be delighted. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great quilt work!!!!
    I love it very much.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love how you stop and photograph the back as well at each step. Nice quilting too btw.

  4. Your quilting of this Soupçon is just stunning. Love the feather around the pink ring, so effective. What a lucky friend!

  5. what a wonderful job you are doing on the Soupcon, I may have to pinch some of those ideas for mine, when it reaches the top of the "too do " pile

  6. Beautiful soupçon quilt and the quilting is stunning .

  7. oh how I wish (again) that we were neighbours! I just don't have the will power to keep trying to FMQ.
    I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with what you have done, I know I would be.

  8. What a lovely piece and you have made it lovelier with your quilting.