Sunday, September 7, 2014

Good Golly Miss Mollie and a reader's Value Proposition quilt so far

It is quilted... Good Golly Miss Mollie is quilted and bound. All it needs is a hanging sleeve and it is ready to hang at the quilt show in two weeks! The quilt is densely quilted for two reasons. First I like the look and feel of dense quilting and the second reason is that I just can't stop myself once I get started. I used a fine weight polyester thread so the quilt is very soft and foldable even though it is heavily quilted.

I need to get a picture of it hung outside so you can see the whole thing. For now I'll just share some pictures of the blocks.

On September 4 I showed you a little leaf motif that I like to quilt. Here I've used in in round of hexagons made with the taupe & orange fabric.

To quilt the leaf motif  I quilted the outer most shape of the leaf first using the hexagon as my guide for the shape. When it was quilted I bounced back the way I just came from and echoed the leaf shape. Then I bounced back and quilted the outer teardrop and finally I bounced back to quilt the inner teardrop. When I bounce I try to stop a stitch or two (or three) from the corner/edge to avoid a heavy thread build-up. I stitch along the edge of the hexagon until I get to the point where I want to stitch the next leaf. Fast and easy!

If you will be in the Toronto area in two weeks you can see my quilt at this show.

Now for a little bit of eye candy! There are a number of you who are participating in my free Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along. The quilt is made up of 18 full blocks and 4 partial blocks. I set up a FLICKR page so that sewists could post pictures of their blocks. Bunny put her blocks up on the design wall and posted a picture. Are you drooling over her quilt? I sure am! Bunny tells me she doesn't make scrap quilts but she is using her bits and pieces to make this one and she is very happy with what she is seeing!

If you are tempted to join in the hexagon fun you will find links to all of the patterns under the tab Quilt Alongs by Karen H just under the banner at the top of this page!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Your quilt is just beautiful Karen!
    Bunnys blocks are awesome!

  2. Karen, GG is STUNNING! I will eat my feathered hat if you don't win an award at the quilt show. I am almost speechless it is so lovely! Well done and congratulations.

  3. Your quilt looks amazing.
    The Quilting is fantastic. I like it so much. I'm speechless.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. I've run out of words to describe you quilts and quilting. We'll try beyond belief today....grin.....really outstanding quilting as well. Did you draw the quilting on first?

  5. OMG the quilt is just incredible, WOW just beautiful
    thanks for sharing

  6. Oh Karen, I really , really love the result of your quiltingwork and the whole look of the quilt. Congratulations!!!!

  7. Oh My all I can say is WOWWWWWW this is a ribbon winner for sure just awesome quilting you are such an inspiration. Thanks for featuring my block I am having fun making them.

  8. Wow! It is sure to garner a ribbon, Karen - absolutely beautiful! I'm going to come back and study the photos for quilting ideas. I look forward to a full on shot of the quilt. Wish I could go to the show with you! Take lots of photos. I invite you to link this beauty to Hexie Weekend, ends Monday, midnight.

  9. It is so very beautiful. It inspires me. I have a stack of big hexie diamonds in a box. I should really do something with them. Thanks for the nudge

  10. GGMM looks wonderful, i love that is densly quilted , but still has areas to rest between designs... you should be very proud of this one Karen.good luck at the show

  11. SUCH incredible quilting, it looks so tactile and I want to just run my fingers over it all, what patience you must have lol
    Bonnies cover is looking great, successful tutoring and interpreting by you both!

  12. Good luck in the show -- the quilting is magnificent!

  13. GGMM is outstanding. I'm still trying to lift my chin off the keyboard.