Monday, January 26, 2015

Work, work, work and type, type, type

I've been busy replying to comments from readers who entered my Grow Your Blog Giveaway. I will draw on the morning of February 15 so if you would like to see the prizes (there's more than one) and enter to win then go here to find out how! Please be sure to include your email address if you are a no reply blogger so that if you win I can contact you! What is a no reply blogger you ask? It simply means that you have not allowed your email address to be shared when you leave a comment on a blog so the blog owner has no way to contact you! Kathy in Ozarks wrote up an explanation about how to fix this and you can find it here. She also has a giveaway running so read her post and enter to win!

So I kind of lost my mojo when I was working on New Hexagon Millefiori Quilt Along. This is where I was when I got stuck!

I've been pulling fabrics and auditioning them but it is really difficult to know how they will work until you actually start cutting and basting. There are two hexagons that will be used for the next round and I was thinking I need to repeat the green to give the block a cohesive look and beyond that my only thought was copper tones or corals. I was in my sewing room last night and I pulled some fabrics and just started cutting and sewing. I made two blocks and I think they will work really well.

This is the first block and I'll need twelve of them. The striped fabric was so easy to fussy cut. I just tacked my paper to the wrong side of the fabric being sure to line up the points on the darkest section of the print.

This is the second block and I will need six of them. I repeated the green fabric I use earlier on and was able to cut most of the pieces I needed from my scraps so there was minimal fabric wastage.

Here's a little sneak peek at how it will look when it is done. I think it is going to be nice! For now I've got to stitch the next sixteen blocks and then sew them to the rosette!

If you would like to join in this free quilt along you can get all of the information on Katja Marek's website. She has set up a Facebook page and a FLICKR group where you'll find tons of temptation and inspiration! Links to both pages are on her website.

Lia is one of my blog world friends and she made a quilt for the Persimmon Dreams challenge. The theme was sunrise/sunset. Lia's entry is titled Morning in the Moor. You can read about her inspiration here. Voting is now open and I think her quilt is beautiful (I voted for it)! You can see all of the quilts and vote for your favourites here!

Morning in the Moor by Lia

If challenges are your thing you can read more about the challenge here. The theme for the next one will be announced on February 1.

Until I post again happy sewing (or in my case typing and sewing)!
Karen H


  1. Wow. Lia's quilt is beautiful.Thank you for the link to Persimon Dreams, beautiful eye candy. Love how your fussy cutting changes the look of the last round of rossete 1.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabrics for the next round - especially the bullseyes blocks and stripe. It's always amazing the way people find to fussy cut fabrics.

  3. already follow , visiting from Vicki's

  4. beautiful quilt morning in the moor
    thanks for the hook up-hugs

  5. Your next rows are perfect!!! Love the way you are pulling that green back in. I'm still picking fabrics for row 2, but having a ball and enjoying every minute!

  6. Again lovely colors and fabrics. I cutted the most of my fabrics now, but some fabrics I had to reorder!

  7. Voted for yours before I knew it was yours. LOL Good luck

  8. Gosh your rosette is looking great Karen and it is SO reassuring to know that YOU lost your way with fabric selection! lol
    : )