Monday, January 5, 2015

Playing with my hexagons

I've been playing with the filler bits of Lozagons am happy with the arrangement. I ran short of the turquoise so I had to substitute a slightly darker blue. I carefully placed them on either side of the middle unit and am satisfied with the effect. I'll order more of the blue so that I can add a wide border. I think it will finish the quilt nicely. Now I've got so stitch the turquoise hexagons into units for easy stitching to the rest of the quilt top.

I've done my fabric pull for the next round of The New Hexagon Millefiori Quilt Along by Katja Marek. The sun is shining on my fabrics so they are looking a little washed out. I think they will work but I won't know for sure until I cut them out and start sewing. Stay tuned and I'll have an update for you tomorrow!

Several people have asked about the paper pieces to make this block. I am making copies of the hexagons from Katja's book and then cutting them apart to make my hexagons. I'm using regular printer paper and it works just fine for me. For those who are less experienced with English paper piecing you may be more comfortable using a heavier weight paper stock because it is easier to feel the edge of the paper when folding over the seam allowance. You can buy it in the stationary store where you buy your printer paper. It is often used for professional reports (and hexagons)!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Nice.
    Look at my blog. I used the same fabric (on the right). I made fussy stars.
    Dientje (

    1. I just visited your blog to see your stars and they are so pretty! Fussy cutting is so much fun!
      p.s. you are a no reply blogger so I couldn't send you an email

  2. Both look great Karen - love that fussy cutting so far!

  3. LOVE your fabrics for rosette #1!!

  4. This is really pretty. I need to use brighter colors in my projects, but I'm always afraid I won't like it then!

  5. Gorgeous works in progress. I love that green fabric on the right of your fussy cuts.
    hugs, Julierose

  6. I received my book after I told you I was going to join in. I've played around a little today, still not finding that perfect fabric, but to tell you the truth, I was disappointed that this is made with such large pieces.. I'm beginning to have second thoughts.

  7. That green print is luscious! I really like how you are filling in your present quilt. You are so clever.

  8. Your quilt is fabulous. Love the new one too. Great fabric for fussy cutting. I decided to do another hexagon well not until I have finished your BOM. It's at the stage of stitching the blocks in rows just now. I love the fiskers hexagon cutter and will be using my Christmas cards to make my hexies. LOLI. Bunny

  9. You are so fast. Loving all the fun colors.

  10. You have an awesome fabric stash! I have my book on order--can't wait to get started.