Monday, January 19, 2015

Birds in the Loft - the beginning

I'm ready to get going with the making of my Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt. I have a rough idea of where I am headed with this quilt but it may change as I start cutting and sewing. There are a number of inspirations for this quilt. The first is my Stars in the Loft quilt. I love all of the rosettes in this quilt so I will have rosettes in the new quilt. I will also incorporate my foundation paper pieced English paper pieced rosettes in this new quilt.

I want to feature this beautiful print in a quilt. It is from Moda's Dominique II line. I plan on using the birds in a centre medallion and perhaps elsewhere in the quilt. The ideas are still percolating!

Medallion quilts really speak to me. Since I've already done a round medallion in Stars in the Loft I wanted to use a different shape. This one really spoke to me. The quilt is dated 1800-1820 and it is in the Quilt Museum and Gallery. You can read more about this quilt here.

There will be rosettes and lots of them. I start by pulling fabrics that I think will work with the birdie fabric. They don't have to match but they should complement the starting fabric. What I focus on is the scale of the print (the size of the print), the value (the relative lightness or darkness of the fabric compared to others) and the colour. I am using 1" hexagons for this project.

I cut 2 1/2" strips of fabric and then quick cut my hexagons in no time flat. You can read how I do this here. I am cutting 12 hexagons which is enough for two rosettes but I'll also need one more for the centre of each rosette. If I have a fabric that I like for the middle I cut it at this time and if not I'll look for something later. I tack these hexagons together with thread and toss them in a bag so if I have a few spare moments I can do some basting. I can always find a few spare moments for basting especially in my helper (the little stinker) is sleeping!

I want a light fabric for the background and did a rough calculation about the fabric requirement. I  reckon I will need five yards. There are plenty of lights in my stash but I don't have a five yard length so I've selected two fabrics, one of which will be used for most of the medallion (the middle fabric) and the other will be used for the path between the rosettes (top fabric). I pulled a third fabric and will fussy cut some bees to be used although I'm not sure where they will be used. I have several other fabrics with bees which I will likely incorporated in my quilt!

I've sketched out the middle of the quilt and am ready to get started. I'm thinking I will use fussy cut bee prints where there are dots but that could change. The red in the middle will be the birdie fabric but I want to do more than just reverse applique it in place so I'll work on that component of my design later. For now all I need to know is the size of the opening. Now I am ready to get sewing! So exciting!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I love this, Karen! And you and I...well, I just posted my newest prayer flag of birds and feathers that hangs up the stairs to my loft where I quilt! Titled 'Reconnection" I am obviously connecting to you this morning in one dimension or another!!

  2. Amazing! A woman after my own heart ; ) People call us nuts but we know the pleasure of basting hexie after hexie don't we?

  3. How exciting! I really admire the way you are able to stick with one project all the way through. I can see that it allows you to focus much better, without the distractions of all the other projects clamouring in the background. It's something I intend to get better at!

  4. Karen....I could spend all day on your blog!!! Very inspiring!!

  5. Wow, another one started. You take my breath away!

  6. Going to be lovely as all the rest. Kitty is so cute all tucked inbetween....:))

  7. Love the shape of the center medallion. I'm hoarding that same bee fabric. I love the idea of lettling them buzz around the path and medallion.

  8. you amaze me, love your bird fabric

  9. Well here goes another beauty made by "Miss Electric Hands" lol it will be gorgeous. I am getting there with putting mine together. My hubby and I are finally feeling better so hopefully I can get more stitching done. I did start some rosettes for my Flowers in the Garden quilt by laundry basket quilts. I hope to do a blog post today too sometime.

  10. The birth of another magical quilt is to be expected lol
    Did you know that the Quilt Museum is closing at the end of October this year?
    Far as I know we will still be able to access the Museum online as now, but it hasn't paid its own way as a venue to visit sadly.

  11. Can hardly wait to see where you will be going with this. I enjoy your design process.

  12. Whew. Where do you get the energy another beauty no doubt. But can I resist this! Lol no probably not. Getting the last QAL together I have been in heaven stitching those hexies together. Thanks Karen love reading your inspirations.