Saturday, July 4, 2015

A noodle is stitched to the Green Parrot

Remember the "noodle" I constructed for my Green Parrot hexagon quilt? Here is a little reminder of what it looked like. It will surround the medallion that I constructed. I don't close the circle so it just looks like a big noodle when it isn't pinned to the fence (or stitched to a quilt). You can see that it isn't joined inside the red circle in the lower right hand corner. It makes it easier to attach to the medallion if I don't close it. Also I can use a single colour of thread to sew it to the medallion so I don't have to constantly change colours! In this case I will use an ecru thread because the border around the medallion is cream and pink.

So the "noodle" is now stitched to the medallion and this is what it looks like.The lighting wasn't very good so it looks rather dusty. The next picture I take will be better.

The next step is to finish the side units that will be added to the medallion. The Green Parrot fabric had some tiny little scenes so I fussy cut two and surrounded them with green. They will be placed on either side of the side stars.

I've started thinking about how I will border the quilt. I was thinking I would repeat the dark brown fabric from the medallion and border the entire quilt with it but I don't have enough so I am going to get creative and pull a similar fabric and see if will work. After that I'm not sure what comes next but we'll seen soon enough!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Thanks for the info on attaching your noodle. Makes sense now. Your quilt is looking spectacular.

  2. The medallion is great, nice with the dark. I think you already have a idea for the border. The green hexieflower is nice too. Groetjes, Dientje

  3. Thanks for the progress post - it's looking so beautiful!

  4. I love the little fussy cut scene--it will be a nice surprise for the viewer when it's all finished. Those red stars on the outsides really pop--so pretty! I'm enjoying seeing the progress on this one!