Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Quilts at the Creek

Today I've got some more quilts from the third annual Quilts at the Creek. While the show is organized by the York Heritage Quilters' Guild anyone can show a quilt. There are no ribbon, no viewers choice and no judging. It is simply a showing of quilts old and new, modern and traditional. I took lots of pictures but with almost 280 quilts on display it was impossible take pictures of every one of them. So get your cup of tea and lets get going. In this picture I think you can an idea of the range of styles of quilts! Check out the portrait in the front left side!

The quilt on the left was a simple square in a square quilt but the colours were so rich that it immediately caught my eye.

The quilt was quilted with big stitch and two colours of thread were used to create an argyle design.

This quilt was exquisite. The piecing was perfect and the applique was stunning.

The quilting was done by machine, well done by machine.

I thought that it was very interesting the way this quilt was finished. Notice how the star points extend beyond  the edge of the quilt!

My friend Gail made this one. She has a such good taste in fabrics and is able to work effortlessly with both colour, value and scale. She pieced her quilt by machine and hand quilted it. The narrow pops of thin red lines really make this quilt stand out.

I loved the warm and earthy colours in this quilt. I believe the information card said that the maker was challenged to make the quilt with old fabrics from her stash. My guess is that this quilt may have been paper pieced. There are instructions for a liberated quilt very similar to this in Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusions Quilts. I am very tempted to give it a go. 

This quilt was very interesting. The centre panel looks like applique but it isn't!

It is a printed panel and the yellow background was very densely quilted to make the floral motifs pop. And pop they did!

The red stripe border on this quilt makes the whole thing sing, sing, sing! I love the old timey look of this quilt. I want one of these too.

This quilt was made by renowned quilt maker Mary Elizabeth Kinch. Her work really speaks to me. She published a pattern for this quilt in the June 2005 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I love all of the madders she used for the little (I do mean little) half square triangles!

The quilting was absolutely perfect.

There were so many beautiful quilts and each one was a labour of love. Before I go I thought I would share one more quilt. Naturally it is a hexagon quilt! I was told that this one was pieced by machine. It is a new quilt in a simple grandmother's flower garden arrangement but it looks old and loved.

What I found particularly interesting was the machine quilting. A simple leaf was quilted in each of the white path hexagons and in the flower a simple dahlia motif. The effect was perfect.

boomerRose, one of the organizers of Quilts at the Creek sent me a link to a Flickr page that has been set up to share pictures from the show. Thanks for the link; unfortunately you are a no reply blogger so I couldn't sent a personal note. For all you readers, get yourself a nice cup of something, settle back and enjoy the slide show which you will find it here.

Time for me to get back to my sewing. I've been working away on Green Parrot and my Brinton Hall quilt. I'll have pictures to share in my next blog post. Until I post again, happy sewing.
Karen H


  1. The pics you shared reminded me of one of our early quilt shows in this area -- also held in a "historic" venue with quilts hanging outside -- ours is gone but it was delightful to see others doing something similar!

  2. Wow master quilters here-everything is superb thanks for sharing

  3. WoW, beauties to see. That's why I love to visit these shows. All colours, techniques, patterns. Groetjes, Dientje

  4. I love seeing different ways to quilt hexagons. The dahlia and leaves in the GFG you show look great. I love Mary Elizabeth Kinch. I have both of her books with Biz Storm.

  5. Thanks for sharing these! I love seeing quilt shows.

  6. Like you, I really love the first quilt. So simple, but from a distance, it glows. It seems to have batiks in the mix? It reminds me of something medieval, almost like cathedral windows or something.

  7. Like the SnS quilt - quite interesting. The compass quilt is also very pretty. That would have been a fun quilt show to see.

  8. Are you going to keep to the style of the rest of Briton Hall? I like the center, but can not get into the next rounds!! I may just use the center element (and use your technique for appliquing the background piece to the frame). Have read a few blogs, that have said to start on the first block with the guide!! The quilt above that you called liberated, was also in Kathy Dougherty from Material Obsession's second book. She used very vintage fabrics & it is worth looking up!!

  9. I'm enjoying the quilt show Karen! I love that first one you showed today. Good idea for my batik scraps! I really like those mystery quilts you showed too. Might have to do that one:)

  10. Thanks for the photos, especially on the flower garden quilting. I have a couple of hexie quilt tops, with no idea how to quilt them. I had thought that, since they are hand pieced, they should be hand quilted. Do you sometimes have your hexie quilts machine quilted?

  11. Gosh that central panel's quilting looks superb! what a feats of skills and I love, love the quilting on the hexi quilt!

  12. Thanks for the photos. Was disappointed to miss it this year but you've eased the pain!

  13. These are all beautiful!

    I really love the big stitch quilting on the first one.

    The red star points quilt is absolutely stunning!

    Your friend Gail's quilt is so beautiful!

    I agree, the quilt with the centre panel of what looks like applique is very interesting. I love the juxtaposition of the "modern" style border with the traditional looking centre floral. Is really very cool. It is beautifully quilted and I love the colours.

    I think that my favourites are your friend Gail's quilt and the one with the centre floral panel.

    All were beautiful!