Friday, July 10, 2015

Updates on my hexagon quilts (some of them)

Today is a bit of a mish mash of two hexagon quilts so let's get started.

I've added the first of three borders to the middle section of my Green Parrot hexagon quilt. It looks small but I think that it is going to finish at a nice manageable size unlike many of my quilts which tend toward the giant size.

The dark brown at the outside edges adds a really dramatic element to the quilt. It doesn't appear so in the picture but when all three sections of the quilt are laid out on the floor magic happens! The next round will be an olive-brown print and my hope is that it will give an ombre effect to the border.

I continue to work on appliqueing the hexagon rosettes down to finish my copy of  Jane Morton Cook's hexagon medallion quilt that was pictured in the book Enduring Grace.

The original quilt measures 99" x 115" and my quilt will be very close to that size. What is it with me and big quilts? I just don't know when to stop. In any event I took a quick picture of my quilt and this is what it. I worked on it so much that I got sick of it and had to put it away for years (many years). But now I'm seeing it with fresh eyes and am crazy about it. I'm having so much fun looking at all of the fabrics that I used in my rosettes!

I had some lovely fabric and fussy cut two birds to go on the sides of my quilt. I framed them with thin strips of a grey-brown and then appliqued the units to the side panels which were then filled in with large and small hexagon rosettes. You can see the bird in the following picture.

I will add a border to this quilt and think I have just the right fabric. It is from the line Palampore/Tree of Life by Mary Koval. This would be a great fabric for fussy cutting and for broderie perse work. I bought mine from Reproduction Fabrics. I've purchased from Margo and Reproduction Fabrics a couple of times and have been very pleased with the selection of fabrics and the service.

Palampore/Tree of Life by Mary Koval

I follow many blogs one of which is Carli's Good Earth Quilting. She has a real talent for giving older fabric a new life. Carli makes commissioned art quilts and I believe is well known for her T shirt quilts. In her most recent post she wrote about trying out one of my tutorials for making star hexagon rosettes. You can see her stars and read her review of my tutorials here.  She made her stars with one of my earlier tutorials and this is the star in that tutorial. You will find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In the picture you can see that I thread basted through the paper and fabric however since that time I have begun basting from the back and I wrote a tutorial on basting "made" fabric in this way and you can find it here.

Angie of A Quilting Readers Garden is another fun blog and she recently posted a picture of her star. You can see her star and read her post here.

You will find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In the picture you can see that I thread basted through the paper and fabric however since that time I have begun basting from the back and I wrote a tutorial on basting "made" fabric in this way and you can find it here.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. your quilts are always so stunning-gorgeous-amazing! I always love everything you create. thank you for all the links too

  2. I'm crazy about your "Enduring Grace" quilt too! It's gorgeous. And thanks for the tutorials. I might have to try one.

  3. amazing quilt work Karen and such pretty tree of life fabric.

  4. The Cook's quilt is awesome! Love that fabric you will use as a border. Thanks for the mention and all the wonderful links you've introduced us to, Karen.

  5. Oh wow, another amazing masterpiece Karen, you will have to think up a good name for it. I love the bird fabrics you used, and yes once again you have found the perfect border fabric.

  6. It is always such a treat to look at all the hexie goodness. I love the fabric you are auditioning for the border. I think it will be stunning.

  7. Gosh you do find the most lovely fabrics. Beautiful work and full of so much inspiration.