Friday, September 9, 2016

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block 1 is Finished!

We've had more house problems. In the most recent heavy rain the roof started leaking so getting that addressed has been my priority. We now have a new roof (I would rather have had new fabric) and the next step is to have someone go up into the attic to check the state of the wood, the insulation and the ventilation. There is some damage to the ceiling in one room so it will have to be repaired so I think that when that happens the entire room will get a fresh coat of paint. I see more dollars being spent in the near future and they won't be spent on sewing stuff.

I finished Block 1 of the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt designed by Susan Smith.

The block measures 22" finished. Some of the pieces, like the butterfly bodies are quite tiny but I simply focused on the one I was working on rather than think about the entire quilt. It is a little mind game that I play with myself but it makes the project less daunting!

This is the fabric I used for the body.

I drew the body with a fabric safe marking tool.

I cut out the body leaving a 1/8" seam allowance and on the sides and bottom I left a generous seam allowance.

I carefully needle-turn appliqued the top edge of the butterfly's body and then trimmed down the rest of the fabric and finished the needle-turn applique. It made it possible to use a pin to hold the body in place while I appliqued the top edge.

Work is now underway on Block 2. The toile skeleton fabric is tinted with my markers and embroidered details added. This is one of the blocks that I first saw that REALLY appealed to me because it had oodles of bees, one large and 18 small! Here is the large bee.

And here is the block with the toile and the big bee.

Next step is the wreath with lots of green leafs. There are flowers in the corners and the last step with be the 18 little bees! I will use the same gold and brown striped fabric for all of the bee bodies.

I have been working on the pattern for The Empire Quilt. It is taking much longer than expected but I'm hoping to get it to you soon.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I am so sorry for all the house issues you are having. Glad the roof is repaired before the winter arrives. Your Rowdy Flats blocks are lovely. Genius use of fabric for the butterfly. Those bees are gorgeous too.

  2. A fabulous block! So sorry about the house troubles.

  3. Block one is wonderful! I look forward to seeing the next part.

  4. I am relieved that it is house problems and not ill health that kept you away from your blog. Nonetheless, it is vexing to have to spend money on non-sewing related reasons!
    I am loving what you are doing with this applique work. I am working on UFOs but itching to start something new!

  5. Wonderful use of fabrics on block one. The butterfly body is perfect....and a great hint on its execution. I like it that you have used green leaves. Not so busy looking and makes the other features showcase better. Good luck on your home repair issues....such things can really suck the wind out of you.

  6. The block is wonderful, but it is your explanation of how you made the butterfly body that totally wins my admiration. You have a great eye for detail.

  7. Hi Karen, love your new block you always inspire and you are so creative. Sorry you have had problems with home but you know there is always something when we own our own place.

  8. Wow! I love the fabric choices you made and your bees and caterpillar are perfect! I can't wait to see your other blocks.

  9. Glad your house is getting repaired. It's always hard to spend money on necessities...:) your blocks is stunning!

  10. Beautiful work, Karen! You are doing a wonderful job with that tricky applique. It's going to be an amazing quilt!

  11. Lovely block, Karen!! Thanks as always for sharing the fussy cuts secrets!!

  12. I'm sorry for your roof but i'm glad you come back on your blog !
    The characters are skeletons ? Is that mean anything ?
    Your block is stunning ....

  13. Ive got men coming next Monday to replace my guttering and remove and replace some exterior wall bricks. Torrential rain like you, seeped in and drenched a bedroom wall.
    My home was built in the 1940s so singe brick walls anyway : )
    Like you say, costly and taking pennies out of the fabric funds lol There's no justice!
    Hadnt realised the block was only 22"!
    But I adore the bee and the butterfly's - fabulous!!
    Ive just let Harvey out after his 6 weeks of confinement, day time only at the moment and his leg is much straighter and the lims all but gone.
    After an £1150 op and no insurance its a relief lol
    Hope Mums well : )

  14. Love your little butterfly, and seeing where you got his parts. Very effective! Love your giant Bee as well! Beautiful.

  15. So sorry to hear about your roof and house issues. :| I hope there is not as much damage as you suspect. Good luck with all the repair.

  16. Hi Karen,

    These lovely applique are wonderful. I'm still watching and hearing news about the Empire Quilt. I know its been a busy time heh!

  17. I certainly wish I had your eye for seeing such possibilities in fabrics! Your creativity in your applique is wonderful--I am always inspired!

  18. What a bummer to have to have a new roof instead of buying more fabric stash!!!
    Rowdy looking good. I chose Betsy's Basket fabric toille's and fabric line for mine - this will be a 2017 project. Somehow the "upper respiratory" bug FINALLY got Clay and I - had to reschedule our get away time - but now we will go at a later date and stay longer!

  19. Glad your house is getting repaired. It's always hard to spend money on necessities...:) your blocks is stunning!

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