Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block 2 (The Beekeeper) and a reader makes a quilt from one of my patterns

I'm sick of renovations because one thing just leads to another. The attic space has been cleaned, repaired and new insulation installed. In the process some electrical work was done up there and as a result it was necessary to knock two holes in my bedroom wall to run electrical cable. That would not have been so bad but for the fact that there is wallpaper on the walls so this means I have to pack up my bedroom, strip the wallpaper, repair the walls, repaint and so on. I had planned on putting my sewing room back together and will do so but once that is done, all of the bedroom stuff including furniture will have to be packed up and stored in my sewing room. Oh well, I had best stop my moaning and just get on with it!

During all of the commotion I've finished block 2 of the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt designed by Susan Smith. She calls this block "The Beekeeper" because as you will see it is loaded with bees! Here is my start.

At the base of the wreath the pattern called for the quilt maker's initial but I just loved the bees sooooo much that I added a bee instead.

Susan's quilt design calls for a variety of fabrics for the bee bodies but I plan to use the same fabric for all of my bees. I like the warm honey colour and think it works well. All the little details such as the legs and antennae are done with a pen.

The flowers in the three corners were appliqued in place. The pattern calls for flower centres made up of two circles with one being smaller than the other.

I have this fabric in my stash and thought it would make perfect centres for the flowers so I cut them out and positioned them on my flowers. They really sparkled so I didn't need to go the two circle route.

I love the effect of this fabric. for the flower centres!

Finally, here is my finished block....The Beekeeper! Notice the honeycomb in the upper left corner.

I recently heard from a reader, Gretchen, that she had made a quilt from one of my patterns, Cherry Blossom. The pattern is available in my Craftsy store.

Gretchen made her Cherry Blossom quilt larger than the pattern and she added a pieced border. All I can say is WOWIE! Cherry Blossom is one of my favourite quilts and I love her version. Isn't it interesting to see how a border can change the look of a quilt? You can read about Gretchen's quilt on her blog Gretchen's Little Corner.

Gretchen added her own personal touch (I love doing that myself and am really pleased to know that Gretchen did her own thing too) by adding the pieced border!

I've procrastinated long enough. Time for me to start packing up the bedroom and think about stripping wallpaper. Until I post again, happy sewing.

Karen H


  1. Oh my, packing and sorting and renovating! Hugs to you! Your Rowdy Flats quilt so far is looking lovely.

  2. It is always a designers greatest compliment when someone makes the quilt and shares what they have done wonderful work!
    As for your RFLQ blocks they are just gorgeous your fabrics your applique your background everything is just perfect, even the flair of your pen as you draw these perfect legs.
    Your reno's will be worth it when the winter months come and you view the inside of your house all warm and cozy after all this work I think you need a house warming party because everything will be so new! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This has got to be something out of the box. I haven't seen something this creative and nicely done in years now. I'm falling in love with your work.