Saturday, January 11, 2014

It is Block of the Month Time with Linny D Vine

It is time for my next Block of the Month pattern. This month I selected a painting by Canadian artist Linny D Vine. The title of the painting is Prairie Red. I would like to thank Linny for allowing me to use an image of her painting on my blog and in the pattern.

Linny's work is whimsical and wonderful and full of joy and light. In her artist statement she writes "I love the magic that happens as imagination and inspiration dance together while I paint". I can think of no better way to describe her work other than "happy". I particularly love her paintings of grain elevators. Although the painting is tall and narrow you can feel and see the big, open Saskatchewan sky and I can hear the wind in the grain. You can read more about Linny and view her galleries of extraordinary paintings here.

The block that this painting inspired is a half rectangle triangle (HRT). If you can make a half square triangle I guarantee you can make a half rectangle triangle! I chose a pale blue for the sky and red for the elevator. The finished block measures 4" by 6". I can envision all sorts of design possibilities for this block. They could be used to make a fabulous 54-40 or Fight block! Or how about  three columns made entirely of HRT on their side and each column separated by a strip of solid fabric? This is a fun and fast block to make and I hope that "magic will happen as imagination and inspiration dance together"! You will find the pattern here.

If you make a quilt with this block I would love to hear about it as would Linny!

I'm off on a field trip today so it is a short post. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more time and have something creative to share! Until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. The painting is lovely, a true reflection of the Canadian Prairies. I'm curious how you will make a quilt block with this design... keep us posted!!

    1. There are all sorts of design possibilities for this block. I'll post some ideas on Monday along with a few other surprises!