Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Trunk Show of Soupcon Blocks

For those on you who aren't in the FLICKR Group for my Soupcon Quilt Along I thought I would share a few more blocks that others have made.  They are all stunning and I really can't pick a favourite!

Before the trunk show begins I want to say thanks to all who posted pictures so far. It is so exciting for me to see them. The second thing I want to say is that all of the blocks are beautiful and each is unique. As quilters we look at our work very closely and we tend to be critical because something is not "perfect". What I say is that things don't have to be perfect and in fact I like them better when then aren't perfect because I can see the hand of the maker. And I guarantee that a non quilter (and most quilters) will look at them and be amazed at the intricacy of these blocks. And I think as we move through the QAL and build on these blocks you'll see only the beauty in what you have made!

Sheila in Australia made this lovely little star. I have to say that red and dusty robin's egg blue is one of my favourite colour combinations. Isn't this pretty?

How about this one from the Happy Appliquer? Another stunner! The fussy cut centre is so perfect for the block. It actually looks like it is part of the fabric!

Linda has created a star that I think has a very Gothic feel to it! I can see flocked wallpaper and wrought iron. What an exciting start! Very moody!

Jean C is a rock star and she has been busy making blocks - she has already made four that I showed previously. Now she has made another four! That's eight blocks in total! I think someone is hooked on hexagons! I love the little yellow pinwheel in the centre!

How pretty is this? I love the tomato soup colours. Very old fashioned looking. I could have a lot of fun with this block!

Yet another block with a Gothic feel, a girly Gothic feel! I like that she has left the centre open.....for now!

Jean mentioned that she had a little difficulty with the bias edges when she tried my paperless English paper piecing method to make her beautiful pansy block. HELPFUL TIP: When finger pressing gently fold on the line and give a good hard pinch with your thumb and index finger. Move your fingers over a little and pinch again. Do not slide your fingers as this may distort the fabric. Another thing that will help is a quick spritz of starch and a press with a hot iron before cutting the patches. The starch helps stabilized the fabric to reduce stretching.

Nellie started with a single fabric and from there has created a constellation of stars and flowers. This is the starter fabric. You won't believe what she has created with this fabric. Nellie is yet another rock star.

Check out the beauties she has created! This block reminds me of the single cell creature, the hydra! It also has a real African flavour to it!

This one is floating on the background it looks so lacy and transparent!

Gorgeous! It looks like it is beaded with tiny white beads and one nice shiny red bead in the center.

I often name my blocks to help me remember them when I go looking for them. All I could think of when I saw this one was elephant tusks. I love it!

And this one just screams ostrich plumes to me!

Are you tempted to get started on my Soupcon QAL? All you need to get started is one hexagon/star. It is a six part pattern for a largish wall hanging that can be turned into a quilt. You'll find Part 1 here.

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. I want to thank you for your wonderful instructions. I've spent the last couple of hours reading some of your posts. I've learned so much. I'm a fairly new hexie lover and I'm going to try to keep up with your Soupcon QAL. After the struggle I had making this first star I decided I needed to come back and dig through your posts a little deeper. I'm so glad I did. Thanks.

  2. Wow ! these blocks are all so inspiring, it is fantastic to see all the different twists on one idea. Can't wait for stage two.

  3. These are all beautiful! So fun to see how different they are.

  4. great blocks, isn't it exciting! I love it that so many other stitchers love hexies like I do :-)

  5. Roll on the next step, its going to be fun to see where these lovely motif's go, and which ones the rock stars choose to use :-)

  6. Just lovely! The variety is quite remarkable. What a fun, fun project! Looking forward to watching the progress!

  7. I'm "champing at the bit." This is soooooo exciting! I posted about this group project on my blog. I hope some of my readers join in on the fun.

  8. WOWEE!! I love seeing all these stars/hexies. They are all so cool in their own way. It is so neat how a piece of fussy cut fabric can look.