Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another little detail in the Garden

I've completed another applique block for the border of my Gardens of a King quilt. This one is toadflax which is a wildflower that has bright, cheery, yellow flowers. The colours in my quilt are a little  muted so I used some artistic license and chose to use a rosy brown and orange print instead of yellow! I think that it works!

I've written several times about the addition of details to personalize quilts and to add some sparkle. I decided that this block could benefit from a detail and I settled on a butterfly. I cut one out from my print fabric and needle turn appliqued it in place. The crescent frame has been stitched to the block and the excess background fabric has been trimmed away. The block is now ready to be appliqued to the border strip but I'll have to finish the others before doing so!

There are also four pieced blocks in the corners of the border. I showed you the face block that I made. It is the first corner block. I think the face could be replaced with a great fussy cut from a pretty print!

This is the second corner block. I decided to go with darer browns around the outside edge so that the four corner blocks have a consistent look about them.

I've got a plan for the third block but am still undecided on the fourth! It will come to me! The corner blocks will be reverse appliqued to the background fabric so that will give them a very nice finish.

If you are interested in making your own Gardens of a King Quilt or just want to see what the quilt will look like you will find more information at Traditional Primitives.

There'll be no post tomorrow but Friday I'll be back with Block 17 in my Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along! Until then, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. I think you must have a deep collection of butterfly fabric, Karen! But, I agree, those little details make all the difference. It's looking really great so far!

  2. I'd never heard of that flower but I certainly love it in the block! :)

  3. My guess is you are planning a Moon block to complement your Sun (which I love, by the way). I love the little details you add to your quilts, it makes me look at mine in a different light.

  4. Beautiful blocks, so lovely done.
    I'm running a fabric giveaway, would you like to enter?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What nice détails of your garden!!!

  6. you have truly made this quilt your own. These added butterflies and insects have become your signature. It will be fun for people to search for them in your finished quilts.

  7. Oh wo so much work in that quilt. It will be an amazing work of art when all quilted.

  8. That toadflax blocks is so darling. I really like it.