Friday, November 14, 2014

Value Proposition Quilt Along - Block 16

Welcome back to my Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along (QAL). Today I will share Block 16. It is a simple block with no fancy or special techniques, just good old fashioned English paper piecing! Depending on your colour and value choices you can make a very interesting block. I used a lighter value fabric for the B hexagons; if you chose a medium it would give the block an entirely different look and feel. I also used this block to make use of some of my odd, leftover hexagons and I think it works just fine! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the pattern for one of my favourite blocks!

Value Proposition Map for Block 16

Value Proposition Recipe for Block 16
  • Cut 14 Light identified as A on Map (6* for Round 1, 4 for Round 2 and 4 for Round 3)
  • Cut 6 Lights that are a little darker than A identified as B on Map (2 for Round 2 and 4 for Round 3)
  • Cut 17 Dark identified as on Map (1 for Centre, 6 for Round 2 and  and 10 for Round 3)
* I used a single fabric Light A for Round 1 and the remaining Light As were cut from scraps.

My Value Proposition Block 16

Here it is in colour. Notice all the leftover hexagons I shoved in this one. There is a ecru hexagon with black hash marks on the upper right. I repeated it in the lower left to balance the block. If you lock closely you will see that I followed this same process with other fabrics as well. It is a scrap block but by mirroring the placement it creates and design element and it balances the block. Also take note that I used two sets of three brown striped hexagons at the top and bottom of the block. I paid attention to the direction of the stripes to make the block comfortable to the eye! And of course I had to add one little detail in the form of a fussy cut centre!

I set up a Value Proposition QAL page on Flickr so that you can post pictures of your blocks and also see what others are doing! There are many very different and exciting blocks to see and there are also some pictures showing a bunch of blocks arranged together and that is very exciting to see! 
If you are looking for previous Block installments of my Value Proposition Hexagon QAL you will find all of the links under the tab Quilt Alongs by Karen H just under the banner. Have fun making Block 16. Block 17 will be available on November 28, 2014. We also have two more partial blocks for the sides so I'll post both partial blocks on December 5th!

I hope you are enjoying my QAL. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I send an email response to every comment so if you don't hear from me it means you are a no-reply blogger and I have no way of contacting you (unless you leave me your email address).

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Love it Karen! Thank you again for this fun quilt along. It's almost done!

  2. Looks like another fun block. Thanks Karen and I am up to date too.

  3. Oh no, I'm two behind now! I've got the fabric set out ready to cut for block 15 though.

  4. Thamks Karen, Iam having so much fun with this, have finished block 14 and heading onto 15, How do I put this up on the group photos?