Saturday, April 4, 2015

A plethora of hexagon rosettes for Birds

Who's been a busy quilt maker? Me! I've made a plethora of red  rosettes for my hexagon quilt Birds in the Loft! The rosettes are made with 1" hexagons.

I've also made some less vibrant rosettes - I think I need them to help the bolder rosettes shine!

Sine they are made in pairs that is eighteen rosettes that are stitched! I still have a pile to go but they are going quickly!

As I make my rosettes I've been adding my path fabric so that once I've made all of my rosettes I can sort them into two identical piles, number then and then start stitching them into rows! Can't wait!

Hexagon rosette with path ready to be stitched

I'm in the process of making the second rosette design for the border and so far I am happy with the with what I'm seeing. I need to pull six more fabrics. When I've selected them I will make six more test rosettes and I'll share the fruits of my labours!

Hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend! Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I have to say the fourth one down is my favrorite! Lot of lovely reds!

  2. Your industry is inspiring! I smiled as I scrolled through all the rosettes--so pretty! It's fun to see them all in a row like this.


  3. Happy Easter! Another batch of beautiful hexies--the swirl center is especially fun!

  4. Happy Easter Karen, two days till we head north. Ah, I miss the north. As usual, I'm drooling and will forever be inspired by your work. Now, where do get your hexie paper? I can hardly wait to get this started. Hugs!

  5. These Rosettes are beauties, again. I cannot wait to see the result, i'm so curios. The fabrics you use, so nice. Hope you have good easterdays. Groetjes, Dientje.

  6. go go go! what fun to see your rosettes as they are sewn up :) Happy Joyous Easter - Lord Jesus Christ is risen indeed

  7. Happy Easter to you!! Great amount of hexies made in glorious reds!! I just love to see the progress. Have a great week & hope you find the border fabrics.