Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Newly framed quilts and more rosettes

I asked my Mom to make me one of her African-themed quilts as a Christmas gift. She made two of them and I quilted them for her last monght. After the quilting was done she embellished with embroidery, beads and metal bits. Then they came back to me for mounting on a canvas. I love them both!

Ladies' Afternoon Walk by Anne H 2015

Marketplace by Anne H 2015

These are the largest pieces I've mounted (I used artist's canvases to mount them); they measure 18" x 24". I used the method I wrote about here but made one small change and it worked like a treat!  As usual I attached the stretching strips and top stitched them to the seam allowance. The change was that I stitched the corners of the stretching strips together so  that the quilt looked like a box top. I slipped the quilt over the canvas and stapled it to the canvas. It was a nice snug fit and the stapling process was fast and easy.

I'll do an updated tutorial the next time I have a quilt to mount.

I've had a busy couple of days but managed to get some hexagon rosettes made. I had a strip of fabric from which I was able to cut 9 hexagons. I used six to make the top rosette and I added a similar fabric to the remaining three to make the bottom rosette. You'll notice that there is a fair amount of camel in the print so I made sure that the darkest of the hexagons were used in the top rosette and the remaining three which were fairly light were used int he bottom rosette.

The centres of the hexagons above were leftovers from this rosette!

This teal fabric is a newer addition to my stash and I love it! The centres were cut from scraps I was given by a friend! Nothing goes to waste with hexagons! Isn't it interesting how different the blocks look when the outer hexagons have the dark on the outside vs the inside? It is good to play around with the hexagons before they are stitched to see what kind of combinations you can come up with!

I continue to work on the pieced hexagons for the border. I'll need 36 of them and I've already stitched 22!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Your mom's quilts are wonderful, they have a very happy feeling to them. And that paisley fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Love your mom's work. Very clever to box the corners first when you mounted them. I need to remember that. As always, your hexagons have so much movement and look beautiful.

  3. I can see that being artistically gifted runs in your family. Your Mum's work is as gorgeous as yours and quite different. Beautiful pieces of art work.

  4. I've been stretching some simple projects over artist's canvas for a while, but just trying to fold and stretch around the corners. I may try to adapt to something like your corner cut out next time for a more square corner.

    These quilts are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Mom art quilts are spectacular. I still have this on mu WIP list.. One day I will attempt one. Hope you have a HAappy Easter.

  6. Lovely rosettes Karen. I always love seeing your combinations. Your moms quilts are awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with the chickens!

  7. I love the hexies made with that teal stripe--very fun, and it makes it look like you put together more pieces that you actually had to!

  8. I agree Mums chooks and child quilt is perfectly divine......!!
    And more fabulous hexis - youll be all finished that quilt by next week surely!!

  9. Again, love your rosettes as well as seeing the two different combinations of dark vs. light on the outside. Fun to play around with these.

    Your mother's quilts are wonderful! How lucky you are to have someone close to you who "speaks" your language!