Sunday, April 19, 2015

Atomic Ribbons - a quilted rug

That's what I'm calling my quilted rug that I started in the Al Cote Quilted Rug Workshop that I took yesterday....Atomic Ribbons. Al is a great instructor - very informative, helpful and attentive. There were 19 students in our workshop and I think everyone felt she/he received plenty of personal assistance, attention and oodles of encouragement.

We needed three to five fabrics and this is what I decided to use and the order I chose to use them with the dark green on top, followed by the gold check, then the orange red, the pale green and finally the turquoise.

We made our rug sandwich and Al provide instructions and helpful tips for developing our design. We spend some time making simple sketches to get an understanding of the design process. This was my favourite sketch - I liked the curved lines. My plan was not to recreate this sketch but to use it as inspiration for my rug.

We sketched our designs on our rug sandwich and quilted them! This is my rug from the back. I pinned my fabrics to the lover left corner. When my rug is finished those scraps will go in the scrap bin!

We started removing fabric layers to reveal different colours. This technique is very similar to chenille but there are some differences. I really liked the Atomic Age feel of my rug. I also liked the "ribbons" running through it - they created flow hence the name Atomic Ribbons! I'm not sure if I'll remove more layers of fabric. For now I'll put it up on my design wall and give it some time.

Once I'm satisfied with the design I can quilt it, wash it and bind the edge with a facing. And voila, I'll have a quilted rug!

If you belong to a guild in Ontario and are looking for a great speaker Al has a very inspirational trunk show. If you are looking for a fun workshop that is suitable for most skill levels I highly recommend Al's quilted rug workshop.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Your rug looks great, I've only recently come across this technique so it's lovely to see you creating something using it.

  2. Wow! Your rug looks amazing! Maybe Al will make an appearance closer to me some day. I'd love to have been at this workshop.

  3. How fascinating! Is there any batting, or just fabric? I would never have chosen the pale blue, but when I saw the finished work, I could see why you selected it, it's really eye catching.
    What fun you must have had (and sharp scisssors!).

  4. It looks like so much fun! I'm also curious about what else, if anything, is in the fabric sandwich besides the 5 fabrics. Batting? Canvas?

    1. You can use a cotton quilt batt in the sandwich but Al recommended Battilizer which is a combination of batt and stabilizer. Apparently it holds is shape really well after it is bound! On the back most just used a plain muslin!

  5. Ah now I understand, hadn't heard of a 'quilted rug' but it all makes sense now.
    The design idea worked really well, it's striking! It will be interesting to see how you quilt it now.
    And will you really use it as floor rug or wall hang it I wonder?

  6. Fun project! I think you did a good job of removing fabric in a balanced manner. I'm afraid I would end up with a mess!

  7. Very interesting project! Yours turned out great!

  8. Cool!! Really amazing! A nice little mini vacation, doing something totally different. You did an excellent job of leaving just the right colours in each segment to make them all stand out AND work together.