Friday, April 17, 2015

Birds in the Loft border plan

I've sketched the first part of the border design for my Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt but before we take a look at it I'll share my latest rosettes that will be the background for the centre medallion (you can see it here). All were made in pairs and I'm adding the path to them as I go so that the assembly of the background will be much faster!

Now for the border design. The first component a toasty oatmeal fabric that will frame the inside edge of the quilt once all of the rosettes are added. The toasty oatmeal fabric will create a visual stop between the centre of the quilt and the final borders. You've already seen this section of the top border with the toasty oatmeal added. I just had to stitch some of it together to get a feel for how the quilt would look and I am pleased with it!

This section will be the top and bottom edges of the quilt. This is my diagram of the upper left. My design sheets were not large enough to sketch the entire quilt so I'm working on it in quarters.

Upper left corner of Birds in the Loft

Upper right corner of Birds in the Loft

The sides will have these units stitched in the even rows. You can see that there are four toasty oatmeal hexagons around the bee but there are five in the diagram above. The fifth hexagon will be inserted between the pieced hexagons in the next border. There will also be a fifth hexagon at the top and bottom. These will also be stitched to the pieced border.

You can see the fifth toasty, oatmeal hexagons circled in red in the upper right corner and in the lower left corner of the following diagram.

So what will the quilt look like with these following two pieced hexagons added?

This where I am headed!

I know what I want to do next and you can see some of it in my sketch. I'm going to start my test hexagons for the final border this weekend and when I am satisfied with what I see you just know I will share them with you!

Tomorrow I'll be attending a "quilted rug" workshop with Al Cote. I'm really looking forward to this workshop! You can see some of his students' work here.

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Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Your border is looking very promising, Karen! Those stars will be stunning around the edge.

  2. The sketch give a good idea. The border looks great. It is nice to see how the top is planed. Groetjes, Dientje

  3. What a stunning border that is going to be! I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone, Karen, to share your great progress.

  4. Wow! This is an amazing quilt you are making. So inspiring to watch you put it all together. I am working slowly on the Lucy Boston quilt of crosses. I have lots of elongated hexagons sewn but only 1 cross sewn all together. It is fun to stitch by hand. Thanks for sharing. K-

  5. And to think you do this in your head and not with a software programme!
    You are amazing ........ and a feast of helpful tips and how to's.
    This edging is going to look really striking. Lovely to see the process work through like this!

  6. It is going to be one fabulous quilt! I'm looking forward to see what you do in your class--the rugs look like a lot of fun.

  7. Karen, I'm starting to get my stuff together today. Saturdays are great for getting going! Love how you plan, think through and then carefully execute. I wish I lived next door. I'm really enjoying reading through the blogger links of others who are hexiated!

  8. I visited Al's link - what wonderful work he does. You are making such great progress on this latest hexie quilt. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone, Karen - yours is moving on by leaps and bounds.

  9. So beautiful! The colours are fabulous!

  10. What a perfect plan! I admire you to have such a good plan. I always sew, and then I see if it's working.