Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baskets and Nine Patches, very old curios and more pictures of the Nostalgia quilt!

I’m making progress on Baskets and Nine Patches but it is slow. Quilting melon wedges on those nine patches is time consuming but worth the effort….well I think it is worth the effort! I like a flat quilt so this one will be very flat! In the first picture all of the nine patches are quilted and in the second the bottom nine patch is not yet quilted.

 I’ve looked at the baskets and the bases are going to need some quilting so I’ll have to think about what to do there.
I’ve always had an interest in fossils and rocks. My desk at work is covered with them! They are a great conversation starter because people always want to know what they are and more importantly, why I have them on my desk. I have them because I like them. And they are beautiful! This is a group of little bivalves that I found at Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong on Manitoulin Island. If you sort through the clay you can find whole fossilized bivalves completely free of any rock. It is so exciting to find them!
This “fossil” is a frog, Latin name Rana. While the rock is from Manitoulin Island, the frog is not. It was a rainy day and there was going to be no rock hounding I got creative! I used acrylic paints to make my own fossil! I had a fossil identification book so the image is more or less accurate. I’ve fooled a lot of people with this one!

My brother really liked my fossil paintings so when he renovated his bathroom he asked me to paint tiles for him. He purchased tiles that looked like sandstone; I pulled out the tile paints and the fossil identification guides and got started! Once the tiles were painted they were baked in a warm oven so that the paint would bond to the tile. He has the tiles in the bathroom and the shower enclosure and many years later they still look like new! It is a man cave for sure!
And lastly, a few more pictures from Mom’s Nostalgia quilt!
Lady's Slipper (they'll be blooming soon!)



Blue butterfly
Until I post again, happy sewing!

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  1. Those fossil tiles look great and are such a unique idea! I like all the details of the Nostalgia quilt. Today my boss gave me a big bad of cross stitch and embroidery floss that she got from her mother. Lots of leftovers and different colours and I had to think of you when I saw those, as crazy as that sounds lol!