Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hexagon Heart

Are you sewing along with me in the Soupcon QAL? If you are more comfortable making a pieced with templates, Mary of Through Rose-colored Trifocals just posted an excellent tutorial! Mary provides detailed instructions and photographs for making the pieced border. You'll also get to see her Soupcon quilt with the pieced border. If you've already made your border and the finished the measurement is not spot on don't worry! I've built in wiggle room so that adjustments can be made without affecting the design of the quilt!

I've been sewing along with Julia Wood's Hexie Block of the Month (BOM) over at The Hexie Blog. The design for January was a snowflake and February is a heart! This was my January block. The little circles of blue in the centre of the background spaces was my own addition. A little bit of embellishment can take a block from pretty to beautiful in only a few stitches.

I liked the open airy feel of the snowflake block. I also liked the blue and white combination so I've decided that the entire quilt will be blue and white.

The February pattern is a heart that is solid hexagons in shades of pink and red. I decided to leave the center of my heart open so that the background fabric would show and it would maintain the open and airy feel of the previous block. The fabric I selected for my hear is blue with a little red it it as a reference to Valentine's Day. To make the block sparkle I used my little start that I demonstrated yesterday. It measures 2 1/2" across.

And here is the finished February block! The hexagons are 1" and the block measures 15" finished. You will find the February pattern here.

My guess is that the theme next month might have something to do with St. Patrick's Day so I'll be looking through my stash of blues for fabrics with some bits of green! The blocks are fast and fun to make so if you are tempted head on over to Julia's blog. You can find the first block, January, here.

I'm linking up with Sarah over at Sarah Did It for her monthly Help with Hexie-Aholics! There's always something interesting to find there so do drop by for a visit!

Until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. Thanks for the shout out! It will be interesting to see how your blue BOM comes along! There have been so many varitations to the heart out on the web - we are all just full of crafty ideas!! I have yet to do my heart so I best get on that...

  2. beautiful just beautiful! I really like the way you have cut and placed the prints in each block, and the delicate airiness - could just gaze at these - thank you for noting the size of the hexagons and blocks too :)

  3. The link for the Help with Hexie-Aholics took me to a map of 1900 Eglinton Ave E. :-o

    1. Ooops, and I plumb forgot to mention how much I loved your Hexie BOM blocks! I love blue and love how you're maintaining some consistency from month to month.

  4. Love the way your did your heart and snowflake.

  5. wiggle room so that adjustments can be made

    How pleased I am to hear that ha ha

    I like the way you personalised your blocks, you have the eye of an artist.

  6. Love that border around the hexie star. So beautiful! Did you do the border using EPP also? I sure would as machine piecing is not my favorite!

  7. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Karen! And I love your blue hexie blocks -- especially the snowflake -- so charming.

  8. Love your blue BOM blocks. So clever and fun to add your own personalization!