Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The design wall and free fabric

I just read that Keepsake Quilting has a contest. You could win fabric for life! Who doesn't need fabric for life. Well maybe need isn't the right word....but want? Definitely! You can enter once a day here. The contest is open to Canada and the US only and it closed at the end of February.

Jan from  Sew and Sow Farm has five giveaways for five days. Yesterday was day one and the prize is Aurifiil thread; you can enter here. Today is lovely Moda Mirabelle from The Fat Quarter Shop and you can enter here. There are three more days to go and I wonder what prizes will be on offer! There are lots of ways to enter so good luck!

So what's on my design wall? My Mom was really taken with the Lazy Punk quilt I made and she wanted to make one of her own. The blocks are made so I'll help her out by stitching them together and then quilt it.

She frequently asked "does this go with this" and I told her not to worry. It will all work out in the end so she relaxed and just had fun with her fabrics. When she looked at the individual blocks some of them seemed really wild but when they are put together they calm down. A neutral sashing and cornerstones will also help. She has selected a small neutral print for the side setting triangles to finish the quilt. Hopefully I can get the top together in the next couple of days!

This quilt is entirely appliqued and there's no needle turn involved. I loved this block but didn't want to piece all of those curves so I thought about how I could make it quickly and easily.  In September 2013 I drafted my pattern, cut my fabric and glued under the seam allowances and made the blocks which finish at 9". If you are interested here are the links to the different steps:

This is the Lazy Punk quilt that I made. The blocks were set on point.

My friend Babs was so inspired that she made one of her own. Rather than set her blocks on point she used a straight set. In addition she top stitched the propeller blades down so it was super fast, fabulous and fun!

That's it for today. Until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. What a fun pattern. I looked through all the links and you shared lots of stuff. Maybe one day I can make one.

  2. I haven't seen that pattern before. Seeing the strip of blocks on your design board, I thought it was cute, but seeing it completed changed it completely. Your quilting design made a big difference too. I love it!

  3. Love the quilts! looks like a fun quilt to make

  4. I really like Lazy Punk! I'm going to have to read over how you made it and then, of course, I'll be wishing I had more hours to quilt in my day!

  5. What a lovely fun quilt your mum has made!

  6. I would never have thought that that mix of fabric blocks, in that design would come together so beautifully!
    Sometimes you can 'see' how things will work out and often.......Im at a complete loss to 'see' anything at all lol
    Stunning result this, really like the on point layout you have there and your friends idea to top stitch the props sounds a speedy method too.
    Ace results ladies : )

  7. Just beautiful, I'm loving all the different versions. Your colors on the WIP are great.

  8. Thanks for all the fun links--I can never resist entering a drawing! Believe it or not, I was actually looking at my Steam Punk pattern this morning and thinking I should get started. I'm going to check out your lazy method and hopefully make some progress. I love the on point setting!

  9. Your mother's quilt is fabulous. You both did a great job.!