Saturday, February 1, 2014

Treats, treasures and finds

I decided to treat myself to one of two books on my wish list, Primarily Quilts by Di Ford. It is an expensive book but it is loaded with beautiful quilts and inspiration. I received a 20% off coupon from Paper Pieces and decided to bite the bullet.

There are so many fabulous quilts including several hexagon quilts in the book. I don't know that I will ever many any of these quilt but I love looking at pictures because if nothing else it is a study in colour and scale (of prints).  This is one of my favourites, Phebe. It has a lovely applique center surrounded by wonderful pieced borders!

There are also a number of hexagon quilts! They are so tempting!

I also treated myself to a copy of the magazine Primitive Quilts. One of my readers, Missie Carpenter of Traditional Primitives has a piece featured in the magazine so of course I had to go out and get it!

Missie's pattern is called Bluebirds and Berries and I absolutely adore it! Congratulations Missie!

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and she presented me with the loveliest of gifts, a veritable treasure. Look at this lovely box. Can you imagine what was inside?

A pair of Sajou scissors from France! I've been drooling over these scissors on the Warp and Weft site but they are well out of my price range. So can you imagine how happy I was to receive this most extravagant gift? I was beyond thrilled!

And what was the find? There is a warehouse that sells ends of lots and they had large, really large cones of polyester thread. Everything was 50% off the lowest price so I grabbed two spools of thread. I paid $1 for the large cone and fifty cents for the smaller cone (which is still huge).

So what will I do with all that polyester thread? I like to use it for basting when I do English paper piecing. That's a lot of thread so it got me thinking that perhaps I should make another hexagon quilt. Since so many of you seem to be enjoying my Soupcon Quilt Along (QAL) I think I will plan another QAL when Soupcon is finished. I've got plenty of ideas for a bed quilt made with 1" hexagons so if like me you are addicted to hexagons (or you think you might like to get addicted) stay tuned!

Lastly don't forget to visit the HexieBlog for the February hexagon block of the month! It is fast and easy so why not get creative and see what you can do? This month the pattern is, what else, a heart!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I just love Di Ford's book. So inspirational. The hard part is deciding which quilt I want to do first! A hexagon QAL sounds fun, zi am so enjoying Soupçon.

  2. Primarily Quilts, What a gorgeous book, that looks. Now I am wondering what you have in store for your students next ha ha
    Funny you should ask that question, because I was just rummaging through 3 bags of 1" hexagons, already cut! what a mind reader you are :-)

  3. I love books-they are always so special to me, and I get allot of inspiration from them too-I really love the Primitive Quilts magazine-have not decided what I want to make from it yet.
    I am off to check out the hexie link and the scissors link-have a great weekend!

    1. Me again-I just went to the hexie blog-and I can't believe it, I have been looking at her hexie book online and keep forgetting to ask you if you have seen this or have it? and do you like it for a beginner like me

  4. I like the look of that book Karen. I will have to check it out. I have the inner part of the circle stitched for the QAL!

  5. i bought Di Fords book last year when i was given a voucher for a local quilt store for my birthday. Like you i may never make any of the quilts, although i do love the wedding sampler.

  6. I dream making one day beautiful hexagon quilt!!!

  7. Great books but after spending so much time paper piecing six little hexagons and they are not stitched together yet, I am thinking there is no way i will live long enough to make a bed quilt with hexagons.LOL.
    I am so thrilled for you with those to die for scissors so nice of your friend to give you a beautiful gift, you deserve it you do such nice things for everyone. Hugs Bunny

  8. Wonderful gift indeed, enjoy those babies :) Nothing better than a great thread find for basting etc...good for you.

    Thanks for all you do, your enthusiasm is a gift.


  9. Lucky you! To have a 20% coupon that you can use to buy that great book. I treated myself to Di's book for my birthday - it's fabulous. I too want to make most of the quilts. I want to start with Oh Dear, Mrs. Thompkins.