Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How many hexagons do I need for a quilt and what size should I use?

When I decided to make the Godstone Grannies (GG) quilt I had to decide what size of hexagon to use. I did a quick calculation of the number of hexagons in the quilt both vertically and horizontally. From there I was able to calculate the approximate size of the quilt based on different sizes of hexagons. This involved some some math and the math part isn't everyone's cup of tea. Yesterday I came across a handy online tool that allows you to calculate the number of hexagons you will need for your project. You enter the desired size of the quilt (width and length) and the size of hexagons you would like to use. The calculator will tell you the number of hexagons you will need!  The site is CD Designs and you will find the calculator here.

I was asked a question about hexagon size. A hexagon has six sides of equal length so when I talk about a 1" hexagon what is meant is that each of the sides measures 1" in length. The actual measurement from corner to corner will be larger and you may need that measurement to figure out the size of a quilt but it is not used to describe the size of the hexagon.

This is my latest GG block and I quite like this one! I think a quilt made entirely of these diamonds would be quite attractive. To speed up the process the diamond could be appliqued to a background. It wouldn't take a lot of blocks to make a quilt, especially if there was a sashing and a nice wide border! But that quilt will be for another day!

I've ditch quilted my Piccadilly to the Nines quilt so now it is time to decide what to do next. Hmmm, maybe some feathers? Not very original but they are doable! I've got company tomorrow so I won't have time to quilt or post however I can think about what to do! 

The temperatures have finally warmed up and the spring bulbs are out in full force! They all seemed to open up at once and the insects are positively delirious with all of the bounty! 

I wasn't alone out there. My sidekick Forest Gumby (or the Gump as he likes to be called) was out there with me!

He had a nice drink of pond water and every once in a while stopped to watch the fish which stayed just out of his reach!

That's it for today! Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. what a great facility, I shall be checking that out presently.
    I did enjoy seeing Gumby drinking from the pond, he is like a little panther.

  2. What gorgeous flowers! You are so lucky, Karen! That Piccadilly is so neat. Did you alos stitch the straight lines inside the blocks or just around their perimeters. Thanks so much for that link - will come in very handy! Have a nice visit.

    1. Hi Angie - I ditch quilted all of the major seam lines so each nine patch is quilted where it joins the hourglass block but I did not quilt inside the nine patch...yet. I may leave them as they are or I may go back and add more quilting. I'll keep you posted!

  3. This GG quilt is going to be amazing!

  4. Thanks for the link to the online calculator. I've just been making hexagons as I go This is very useful.

    I'm enjoying seeing your blocks in progress.

  5. love all the photos-glad spring has arrived for you-finally

  6. oh and thanks so much for the calculator-that's awesome-I have it bookmarked

  7. Hi Karen,
    I follow your blog for a couple of months now and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog, the stitch-a-longs and your beautifull quilts. I hope you'll be very long in blogland! ;-)
    Want to start on the Soupçon quilt but I have too many things on my plate (recently started with the Dear Jane as well :-).
    Kind greetings,

  8. Thanks for the link and the wonderful photos. We had just a little bit of wet snow today. I'm worried that my flowers will be afraid to poke their little heads above the ground...lol. Seeing yours was a reminder of what's to come.