Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Piccadilly to the Nines, Lionel and another Soupcon trunk show

I just celebrated the one year anniversary of my blog and I've got two giveaways: a $30 gift certificate from Superior

and two yards of fabric that is ideal for fussy cutting or broderie perse!

To enter my giveaways go here. The winners will be announced on April 4, 2014! Good luck! As part of my anniversary celebration I thought I would share another story from the garden. This one is about Lionel and it was published back in August! Nice guy that he is, Lionel wouldn't hurt a fly or the sow bug on his schnoz! Want to know why? You can read his story here!

I've stitched my first Godstone Grannies block and it will be the block that is in the center of the quilt. I am very pleased with how it turned out! I couldn't get a picture that shows the colours to their best advantage but it is very buttery and caramelly and butterscotchy! And best of all there are zero calories in all that sweet goodness!

Yesterday I told you that I store my cut blocks in little bags. Some of these Godstone Grannies blocks are "unusual" in their arrangement so I printed a picture of the quilt, cut out the blocks and glued them to the back of the little paper with my block number and cutting instructions. When I'm ready to sew the block I'll have the little picture handy so I get the arrangement right!

Fingers crossed that I can get another block stitched in the next couple of days! But I'm itching to get going on the quilting of my Piccadilly to the Nines because I want to try out my new Fantastico thread from Superior.It is a bright green, lime green and turquoise variegated thread. It sounds bold but it is actually a very fresh green/blue thread! You can see it here. The quilt is pinned so it won't be long until I get started!

The Soupcon quilts keep rolling in! I am so impressed with all of the quilts. Each quilter has taken the ideas and then used her own creativity to make the quilt her own. It is so exciting and rewarding to see what everyone is doing! So how about a little trunk show? You know the routine....grab a cuppa, settle back and enjoy the picture show!

Angie's quilt is looking good! There's no doubt about it: the star is the star of this quilt! The yellow just glows and it shows off her blue star to the best advantage. I am a big fan of narrow borders because I think they frame a quilt so elegantly. Although I had planned a pieced border in between the narrow borders Angie use a batik and it works perfectly! I also like the way she has handled the little hexagons in the border! Keep up the great work Angie! Be sure to visit Angie's blog, Quilting Reader's Garden for more pictures!

Jean, Jean my Soupcon machine!!! Jean Cockburn  has posted three more pictures of her Soupcon quilts and each one is different but there is one common thread and that is Jean's ability to boldly and confidently use colour. I really believe she has a rare talent! In the first quilt she has fussy cut all of the little hexagons in the border and they are wonderful.

Again Jean has fussy cut flowers for the hexagons in the border and they are so pretty. Such strong colours but there is a softness to this quilt and it has great appeal! Be sure to visit Jean's blog When You Love Blue.

Jean's third quilt is my favourite of the three if for no other reason that blue and buttery gold is one of my favourite colour combinations. Again Jean has fussy cut flowers for the diamonds in the border. I think the effort that goes into fussy cutting pays off in spades when you see the results in a quilt.

Colleen (aka Skootchover) has completed her Step 6 border and just look at what she has done in the corners! I LOVE it! My poor plain corners are going to have to be re-engineered! This is such a delicate quilt and Colleen has done a fabulous job of personalizing it each step of the way! I can see this quilt as the medallion of a fabulous full size quilt!

Deb Sew'n'Sew has also completed the final step and again we see a unique corner treatment. I love how the lavenders used in the border pull the whole quilt together in the best possible way! This is yet another quilt that started out pretty and it just kept getting better and better every step of the way. Be sure to drop by Deb's blog, The Toothfairy Quilter.

Well I think that's it for today. I've got some sewing to do. So until I post again, happy sewing!

Karen H


  1. All these quilts are so beautiful. I am in awe.
    Love from Mum

  2. I am really enjoying seeing what everyone has made! I have got as far as part 2 and love it so far! I have just uploaded a photo to flickr - and am hoping the link-up worked ok!!!

  3. I Love how you have used your fabrics in your Godstone block, especially the brown is a fabric i would probably pass over, but you have made it shine. The Soupcon gallery is inspiring , i wouldn't like to have to pick a favorite. I am VERY interested to see how your "Picadilly to the Nines " is quilted... no pressure there :-)

  4. Congrats on your one year anniversary. I love your blog and always look forward to your posts. Unfortunately sometimes life happens just when you are in the middle of something, like the Soupcon QAL which in my case meant I had to take a break from sewing, I miss it terribly and hope i will be back in action soon.

  5. Hi Karen,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my Soupçon quilt blocks. I am learning so much! I finished my final Part 5 border, and I made the leap and learned how to do those tiny paper pieced hexies. The most fiddly bit was removing the papers, but otherwise, what an amazing technique. I posted photos on Flicker. And thanks for the heads up about being a no-replay blogger, and I think that I have fixed that now.
    Thanks again for all your support, teaching and kind words.
    Best, Jean

    1. They are all awesome Jean! What a lot of work you put into them.

  6. Karen love your new quilt you are making. I do have to get back to my hexies for my Soupcon. Seems I spend most of my time on my LE. And having problem with my left wrist when I hand stitch. I am right handed so who know what's goin on.
    Is that green thread embroidery thread for machine?

  7. Beautiful display of hexie talent. Happy blogaversary on your first year. I enjoy reading your blog with all of the beautiful eye candy.

  8. Hi, Karen - again Happy Blog anniversary! I so loved the Soupçon parade again, and am blushing here for your nice comments about mine. I love all of them and how different they are. What a great QAL you designed!

  9. Wow, you work fast. You've made great progress on Godstone Grannies, I love the colour/fabric choices you've made. Piccadilly looks stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  10. Love the fussy cutting on the 'Godstone Grannies'!